Amazon 3D Smartphones Released

Amazon has just posted a promotional video to advertise its new Amazon Fire smartphone to be released on June 25th. This is probably the smart phone that has been rumored to be close to its release date. There is a clue in the fact that a few frames of the video show the top of a smart phone although it is just speculation and not an absolute certainty. This speculation comes in the wake of rumors that Amazon is planning to release a smartphone this month.

Already there are some sketchy details available concerning the specifications of the new phone. It is said to have a 4.7 inch panel and 3D display. The display gives a hologram like effect said to be from the four cameras built all around the device exterior. Apparently, it works a bit like the Xbox Kinect by deciphering where the users eyeballs are thereby helping the viewer to benefit from three-dimensional vision without having to wear 3D glasses to do it.

3D Gimmick Not A Good Idea

Many people are surprised by this 3D gimmick being part of the phone because smart phones with similar innovations have not been doing too good in the market. Generally, people want screens with high resolution something that the Amazon phone is supposed to be short off considering that it has a low resolution of 720p. The other thing favored by phone consumers is a lot of performance power and amazing cameras. So it’s doubtful that features like 3D hologram effects, which the Amazon phone is promising, are in demand.

However, since all the specs are mainly speculation as the launch has not yet happened, we can only hope that the device will be a success. Seeing as the promo video is set up, in a way, that the device is not being shown it may actually be a different product. However, this uncertainty has caused quite some buzz around the launch so it will be interesting to see what the company has up its sleeve.

 Amazon Fire Smartphone Release Video

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