Comcast Adds Free Wi-Fi Calling for Voice Subscribers

Comcast Free WiFi Calls

Comcast Free WiFi Calls

Last week Comcast Cable introduced its new service which permits home phone subscribers to call smartphones, iPad and other mobile devices without any charge as long as they are connected to the Internet.

In a statement, the company which provides services like communications, dial up Internet and broadband services said that its Customers can now make and receive phone calls and SMS from their iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android smartphone without any charges using their Comcast mobile app and current home phone provided they get connected to a Wi-Fi network. Customers can also make voice calls with their 3G or 4G data plans which don’t count against the wireless minutes however it does utilize data services.

Then new service is called Voice2go and it is available to those subscribers who use Xfinity Voice from Comcast. In order to be able to use this feature, users need to download the Xfinity Connect Mobile app, compatible for Android and iOS devices.

This new service directly competes with other carrier’s voice plans and also Internet VoIP calling services like Skype and Google Voice. Included in the deal is the ability to forward home phone calls to four other phone devices which includes call forward to devices like other landlines, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android smartphones.

Apart from this users would be able to set up to four personal phone numbers which are different from the main account holder’s phone number which can be used for sending text messages and making calls over the Wi-Fi network.

This feature can reduce phone call costs for families. For example children can use iPod touch to communicate thus cancelling the need to subscribe for an additional mobile plan, Comcast said in a statement. This would specially benefit those families who not want to spend a lot on their monthly mobile bills. The company further added that the new service is just another example Comcast’s customer centric focus.



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