Cox And AT&T To Increase Internet Prices In Louisiana

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Higher Louisiana Internet Pricing

Customers of AT&T and Cox Communications in Louisiana will be subjected to price hikes in their cable, Internet, video and phone bills while other satellite television providers are also expected to follow suit soon.

Cox Communication has announced that the price increase will be in the region of less than a $6 charge per month and will vary based on the type of service provided. The new rates of the company is effective from the 15th of January and the details have been published in the official website since the 7th of Jan. Sharon Bethea, Cox spokeswoman also added that the company has sent a special message informing about the price changes to the customers in their last bill. Citing the company’s reasons for increasing the rates, Bethea said ‘Rising costs in programming content is basically the main reason for the cable video price increases’. Cox Communications deals with both national and local broadcasting companies and according to Bethea the main reason for the rate increase in video cable is due to national broadcasters.

Another leading telecommunication service provider, AT&T is also making a few ‘modest price adjustments’ according to Sue Sperry, company spokesperson. The changes will reflect on the company’s high speed Internet and U-Verse Internet packages. The reasons cited by AT&T for the price increases are the increasing TV content costs and the escalating business operation costs. Sperry added that the content issue has affected all cable TV providers.

Meanwhile other satellite companies like DirecTV and Dish Network will also soon be implementing similar rate hikes for their customers. Starting February DirecTV customers will see a rate hike of 4.5% on their bills while Dish Network expects to raise its monthly program packages by at least $5 per month as per the announcement made by Media Post.

Both AT&T and Cox promise to deliver additional value on selected products through new features and new content to offset the price increases.


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