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Broadband Caps

Broadband caps are one of the least favored things in America. From Internet subscribers to the FCC and in-between there are many protests on the implementation of these data caps as they effectively stifle innovation. Among the hardest hit in the industry are the entertainment producers.

A great number of producers and writers of creative video content regard the Web as a successful way of overtaking the wardens of the leading entertainment companies and a powerful way of mass marketing their creative products direct in to the hands of their fans. Unfortunately the obstacle they face is the broadband caps which restrict their full potential of reaching new audiences. This was revealed by ‘Writers Guild of America West’ representatives at a communication forum organized by Public Knowledge, a well known digital rights group in the country.

John Vezina, Writer’s Guild political director said, ‘Consumers in the US are on the verge of facing a ‘big explosion’. They will soon figure out that there is no need to sit down anymore to watch their favorite television programs on a single device at a specific time.’ He added that it is vital writers get the chance to offer their video contents to the target audience without the audience having to worry about if or not they are exceeding the data cap limits.

Vezina also said that data caps not only hurt innovation, it also hurt consumers and creators who are trying to get the maximum out of the public in different ways. ‘For the writers who have already been bumped up against their studios telling them exactly what to produce and how to produce it, this is an anti-American and anti-competitive scenario’ he further added. Meanwhile many other representatives of the entertainment industry have voiced their dissatisfaction about the stifling broadband caps urging telecommunication companies and relevant authorities to consider the situation sooner than later.

ISP 1 blog post on current data caps: http://isp1.us/blog/current-data-caps-for-us-isp-providers/


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