HughesNet to Launch New Satellite in 2012

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Broadband satellite Internet speeds to increase when HughesNet launches a new $115 million dollar satellite in 2012.

The new high tech satellite, named Jupiter, will be able to transfer data 10 times faster than the HughesNet’s current satellite Internet systems.

Satellite Internet prices can’t compete with Broadband DSL and High Speed Cable Internet service deals, but for people living in rural or remote areas, Broadband Satellite Internet beats the hell out of dial-up Internet service.

HughesNet is the largest North American satellite Internet provider with more than 550,000 subscribers. WildBlue is the other big player in the satellite Internet service market.

HughesNet was awarded $58.7 million as part of the U.S. government stimulus bill. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was signed into law on February 17, 2009. The Broadband Initiatives funded in the Act are intended to accelerate broadband deployment across the United States.

16 thoughts on “HughesNet to Launch New Satellite in 2012

  1. i don’t see any real info. anywhere on here as far as pricing and so forth. what gives people you don’t want people to know the real cost.????????????????????

  2. I hope the up load speeds are improved. Need to be much faster.

  3. Will this satellite need an unobstructed view of the Southern sky as is presently the case? I have beautiful old trees on the south part (and elsewhere) on my property that I’m reluctant to chop down just for this.

  4. that sounds great faster speeds but why dont cable broadband have fare policy access this dont make sence to anybody that has cable

  5. Why does satellite have this fare policy access i cannot watch utube but two showings and download 5 songs that sucks

  6. I find it funny that the website talks about the great download speeds for a video clip, photo etc… Dont you dare actually download what they say because after the 200 Mb you are put back to the stone ages. In their example a 5Mb picture that is only 40 of those photos a day. With the growing technology and pushing of data around the world this seems like a unrealistic limit for any provider.

    By the way a single update for service pack 1 of windows 7 is approximately 1 GB (5 days worth or you 200 Mb allowance) Granted you can download at 3am if you don’t sleep and pray that your kids didn’t setup their computer to do it at the same time.

  7. I have had wild blue for 2.5 years…the service sucks. They limit your broadband to the point that you can really only check email and surf a little. It is slow…and will drive you crazy if you are use to any real high speed internet. Dial up is slower but not by much. I plan to cancel Wild Blue as soon as Hughes has the new satellite up and running.
    I fear they will not be much better if any but I want internet so I will give them a try. They really do need to bring down the cost though. I liberated myself from my cell phone Jan 2006. Have not touched one since. I am close to liberating myself from the internet too.
    I got along without it in the 70s and more than 1/2 of the 80s. I think I get get along without now too.

  8. by the way… Hughes told me today that it will be 20 times faster. I do not believe it. That is why I will wait to see how it goes before I switch.

  9. Wildblues new service called exede runs at my house at about 17 download and 4.5 upload

  10. I just talked to Hughes net about cancelling my service that I’ve had less than a month because of slowspeeds and price vs. service. They extended my trial period and told me the new satellite will be online June 19th. Wanted me to wait and see what i thought about it. Said there would be no increase in cost, and would be larger download amounts. We will decide then whether to switch to Exede satellite.

  11. i talked to them today and was told 3weeks should be up and running,also was told they would have voip WE’LL WAIT AND SEE STILL IN TRIAL MODE.SAID WE WOULD BE ABLE TO USE NETFLIX HA HA WILL SEE.

  12. Just curious to know when the new satellite starts service…I’m still waiting…speeds still pretty slow…

  13. I have been checking my Hughesnet repeatedly with It has never even come close to what I am paying for (usually 1/6 the maximum advertised and often it is as slow as dialup. They just had a huge payout in a class action suit for their false advertising. June 19th has come an gone. I detected no difference.

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