Internet Activist “The Day We Fight Back” A Failure

Internet Activist "The Day We Fight Back" A Failure

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A group of Internet activist has long promoted February the 11th as the day the Internet will stand up as one and fight against the controversial surveillance by the National Security Agency. The day was dubbed “The Day We Fight Back”. The activist encouraged websites to join their protest to show their solidarity against the controversial surveillance practices that have recently been ascribed to the US surveillance agency.

The protest is fashioned after the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect I.P Act that was staged two years ago. In that protest, sites like Wikipedia and Reddit as well as Google and Facebook were involved in the protest. They were successful and managed to topple the anti-piracy legislation that they were protesting against.

Major Companies Participate By Hosting A Joint Website

Unfortunately, “The Day We Fight Back” was a different story as the protests set for February 11th were a failure. Wikipedia did not show up for the protest. Reddit is well remembered for putting its website offline for 12 hours during the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect I.P Act protest, in this case it only symbolized its support for “The Day We Fight Back” with a simple banner on its home page.

However, some activists did show up to support the cause. Some examples of the activist included among the protesters are Amnesty International and Greenpeace, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union.

On the other hand, major technology companies only participated in the campaigns by having a joint website created by them, flash a protest banner in honor of the protests. The major technology companies that did this are Yahoo, Apple, LinkedIn, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft.

The goal of the campaign was to urge visitors to lobby their congressional representatives in support of the USA Freedom Act, which seeks to reform the N.S.A’s metadata database.


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