Internet Providers Caught in Squabble with Netflix

Netflix Time Warner

Time Warner Cable Squabble with Netflix

The latest network dispute involves Netflix Inc. and Time Warner Cable. Time Warner Cable is blaming Netflix for their attitude in bullying Internet providers and for discriminating them against their own subscribers. This latest dispute is another indication of the level of increasing irritation among Internet providers about the bandwidth controlling video content and not knowing who’s behind the growing cost.

The squabble was made public this week when Multichannel News website reported that Time Warner Cable is refusing to join Netflix customized network, Open Connect created to stream video content faster. Explaining the reasons behind their belief that Netflix has not implemented the Open Connect program in the correct manner, Time Warner went on to say that Netflix’s move to withhold one of the company’s product lines, Super HD, the high definition video service from customers if Time Warner doesn’t agree to join the Open Connect shows an unprecedented preferential treatment. The company believes this attitude to be highly disadvantages to Internet providers who don’t agree and beneficial only for ISP’s that cooperates with Netflix policies.

The company statement goes on to mention, ‘We are more than capable of providing this content to all Netflix subscribers.’ However, the statement also says that the company is still discussing their acceptable commercial terms before finalizing the participation arrangements. According to Netflix, the company pays for the operation of Open Connect and the links they provide to Internet providers are at no cost for them. Netflix hopes to make customer experiences much smoother through their endeavors.

Last June, Netflix moved a larger part of the company traffic to their own content delivery network, thereby cutting out the middlemen, Akamai Technologies and Limelight Networks. Netflix claims that the company accounts for approximately 30% of the peak Internet traffic in America a fact which re-enforces the need for efficient bandwidth use.


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