Satellite Internet Demand Drives Hughes And ViaSat System Changes

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Following a FCC report prescribing satellite Internet services to maintain exponential expansion, some of the services providers in the industry have been strongly driven to alter the ways they have been conducting business. Both Hughes and ViaSat have been prompted to make prominent changes in their systems to meet the increased demand for satellite Internet.

Hughes based in Maryland is one of the leading satellite broadband providers in US. The increased demand and resulting revenue boost also mean the company should consider a new business structure to meet the changes. Arunas Slekys, Corporate of Marketing Vice President of Hughes said ‘about fifteen years back we were only a 90% technology. Today, however more than 75% of our company overall revenues are generated through broadband Internet services via satellite’.  The increased interest towards satellite broadband Internet mirrors a definite perception change among consumers. Industry experts believe that elements like affordability and speed are more important factors in influencing consumer decisions rather than particular technological advancements made within the industry.

Meanwhile ViaSat, another leading satellite Internet provider in the country has also enhanced its capacities. According to Lisa Scalphone Business Development Vice President of ViaSat, offering a greater product is one of the most important elements in changing consumer perception on satellite. ‘Our packages are designed to provide speeds and service quality that are comparable with typical cable services’ she added.

‘What we want is to show that satellite broadband is good value for money. Therefore it was very important to provide our services at prices comparable to what you receive in urban areas’ said Scalphone adding that the company’s new packages start at $50 per month for 12 Mbps speeds.

The report published by the FCC has mentioned that satellite broadband services are capable of delivering 137% of their advertised speeds. It goes on to mention that satellite has today become a highly viable alternative to the traditional ISPs.


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