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Cheap High Speed Cable Internet:

ISP 1 Internet Access - May 26, 2010

What Is Cable Internet Service?

Cable Internet is one of the most popular and widely used forms of accessing the web. It is a type of broadband Internet access that utilizes cable television structure to route and provide Internet access to consumers. Cable Internet is provided by cable television networks which may also provide telephone services and television viewing stations. Cable Internet access is routed through cable modems usually located at the customers residence which is feed by a cable modem termination system based in the operations facility of the cable company. There are many cable companies located all over the world and you will most likely find one in your local area. Quality of service though depends on the use of highly specialized equipment to provide cable services.

Choosing a Cable Internet Provider

Cable companies offer affordable price rates on their services to enhance customer base especially in areas where competition is high. Choosing a cable network company that will provide you with quality Internet services depends on a number of varying factors. Cheaper costs for installation and service does not necessarily mean inefficient or poorer services as there are many low cost cable Internet services that are relative fast and efficient in the dispatch of their duties and services. Most high speed cable Internet connections now employ the use of fibre-optic technology which helps to greatly improve the speed of the Internet with increased bandwidth.

Cable Deals and Special Offers?

Cable Internet Deals and special discount offers are often provided by a cable company to help increase its customer base. Special offers may come in the form of discounted monthly service charges, low cost of installation, affordable bulk charges or package deals that run for a certain period of time. These discount offers have no bearing on the quality of service and a cable company will retain its status as a high quality service provider irrespective of any promotional deals. The competition in the cable Internet industry is becoming tougher by the day and more reputable companies are being formed, thus encouraging higher quality of service and improved technology. Cable Internet is arguably the fastest Internet service and the technology employed to provide such services is never at a standstill. Different forms of cable Internet services are available, providing customers with a wide range of options.

Cable Internet Speed?

The speed of a cable Internet is dependent on the size of its bandwidth. In most cases, a centralized base station with a very large bandwidth supplies each consumer a specified amount of bandwidth. The cheaper the monthly package subscribed for, the lower the bandwidth provided. A shared bandwidth in a particular location slows down the speed of a cable Internet connection. Hence, the speed of cable Internet depends on the number of people using the service at a particular point in time.

Can I Get a Cable Bundle Package Deal?

Many cable companies offer a cable package deal that includes television stations, telephone lines and an Internet connection. A customer does not have to subscribe to all three services and can subscribe to just the cable Internet. Cable companies usually offer these three services in one package at a discounted rate. In the long run, choosing a package deal might be more economical than just going for one of the services alone. This is one major advantage a cable Internet has over other forms of Internet services such as the DSL and dial-up connections. For instance, while the dial-up connection can and must be used with your phone line, cable Internet can be used with your phone or television service without disrupting any connections. Though cable Internet in considerably faster than the dial-up connection, dial-up connections are considerably cheaper and are less susceptible to hacking attempts as they do not make use of a shared connection.

Cable Installation?

On average, installation of a cable Internet service is relatively cheap, though this depends on the cable company offering the service. Installation of a cable Internet connection in homes or offices usually involves cable wiring, installation of modem and Ethernet card connected to your computer and software configuration. The cable modem may be bought outright or rented monthly at an affordable rate. Monthly subscription rates also depend on the cable company involved but on the average, rates range from thirty to sixty dollars per month.

Cheap Cable Internet?

Obtaining cheap cable Internet is not always the best as you may not get optimal Internet connections. Depending on your local area of residence, you might find different companies that offer cable Internet at affordable rates. Choosing the one with the lowest price is not always advisable but if you are on a budget, you could check your local newspapers or search the Internet for cable package deals that will ensure you get a good cable Internet connection at a discounted price.

Low Cost Cable Internet Alternatives:

You have several options when choosing a high speed Internet service provider.

Broadband DSL, High Speed Cable, Wireless Satellite or Cellular Mobile Broadband Internet access is rapidly surpassing Dial Up Access as the most common way to connect to the Internet.

Your Internet connection is made with the service provider via special hardware interfaces using television cable, DSL telephone lines, satellite dish, wireless interface, or a combination.

High speed broadband Internet access is now available in most areas at a reasonable monthly cost of around $20 to $60.

Cable or DSL broadband high speed Internet service is available in many areas and usually the cheapest solution. Satellite or wireless high speed Internet service is available in most areas, but costs a little more.

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