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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

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DSL Internet FAQ

What is a DSL Connection?

Answer: DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) turns your existing phone line into a three channel data traveling system. Out of the three channels, the first one sends voice services, the second one transmits data downstream at a high rate and the third one is a bi-directional channel that transmits data upstream. There are a number of DSL providers which offer high speed DSL and very high speed DSL Internet.

What's the Difference Between DSL Modems & Cable Modems?

Answer: Unlike DSL modems, cable modems offer Internet service over a shared cable. Many users may be connected to the same cable line. As DSL providers provide a dedicated connection to your ISP (Internet service provider), with a DSL modem you will not have to compete with other users for access to the Internet. There are upsides and downsides to both types of Internet connections. Although the cable broadband can have much higher downloading speeds versus a DSL modem, it is a “shared” type of broadband, so when anyone else on your local cable line loop connects to the Internet, it will affect your overall speed.

Is a DSL Internet Service Better Than Dial-Up?

Answer: A broadband DSL modem is very different from your old dial-up telephone modem. It allows you to use your telephone and connect to the Internet simultaneously many times faster than you could with a dialup connection, It is a high speed connection that is useful for loading data, music, images and a lot more. DSL services enable you to finish your work earlier than before and in that way it can leave you with more time to enjoy other things.

Is a DSL Connection More Secure Than a Dial-Up Connection?

Answer: DSL and cable modem networks do not differ much from dial-up networks. DSL and the cable modem connections are more attractive to hackers for the same reasons that make them more attractive to customers. They are always connected to the Internet and the available bandwidth is much greater. A lot of users remain online longer, which makes them more susceptible to being hacked. Fortunately, the security of your DSL broadband connection can be greatly improved by using software such as a firewall, antivirus programs and anti-spyware programs. Many DSL providers include a comprehensive Internet security software suite with their DSL service packages.

Who are the Best DSL Internet Providers?

Answer: Broadband DSL Internet providers vary by geographic area, but generally AT&T DSL, Qwest DSL and Verizon DSL. are the top high speed DSL service providers in the United States..

Will my current telephone features be affected if I work with DSL?

Answer: No. If you use a DSL modem, it will not affect any of your other calling features such as call waiting, voice mail and caller ID.

Can I Save Money With DSL Bundles or DSL Deals?

Answer: Yes, AT&T, Qwest and Verizon not only provide high speed DSL internet service, but also offer money saving DSL bundles or DSL deals when you combine two or more of their services. You can get Broadband DSL Internet service bundled with VDSL or satellite HD television and/or digital phone services and "save a bundle". At&t offers U-Verse fiber optic Internet & television service and Verizon's fiber optic Internet, television and phone connection is called FIOS Internet.

Can I Share My DSL Internet Connection With Other PCs?

Answer: Yes, and this is a very easy task to do. Just connect a wired or wireless broadband router to your DSL modem to provide high speed Internet to your entire home network.

Where Can I Find More Information About DSL Internet Service?

Answer: You may visit the websites AT&T DSL Internet, Qwest DSL Service and Verizon DSL Offers. Also check out the DSL Bundle Deals that these top DSL companies provide.

What is ADSL?

Answer: ADSL - Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line is a very fast modem technology that provides much faster download speeds than upload speed. ADSL is the most common DSL technology for residential use. ADSL turns an ordinary telephone line into a combination of two things: voice telephone and dedicated highspeed Internet access. Now you can use your telephone to make normal voice calls while enjoying the great features of the Internet such as video streaming and gaming at blazing fast broadband speed.

What is SDSL?

Answer: SDSL - Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines a DSL technology that provides equal download and upload speeds. SDSL is typically used by businesses that require faster upload speeds. SDSL is rapidly being surpassed by newer DSL technologies such as VDSL.

What is VDSL?

Answer: VDSL - Very high data rate Digital Subscriber Line is the next generation DSL. VDSL provides up to an amazing speed of 52 Mbps, enabling you to have video-conferences and other activities that require huge data processing. VDSL is used telecommunications companies such as Qwest for distribution of high quality digital television, high speed Internet, and telephone services.

DSL Question: Not Found Here?

Answer: Use this handy Google search box

DSL Internet

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