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How Dial Up Internet Accelerator Service Works?

How Dial Up Internet Accelerator Service Works? Author Dan Karas

November 18, 2006
ISP 1 Article by Dan Karas

Last Revision: October 25, 2008

What is a Dial Up Internet Accelerator?

Dial up Internet accelerator service is a relatively new technological process that utilizes your existing dial up phone lines and 56K modem. Special software speeds up your online experience dramatically for about $15 to $20 per month.

Anyone who has surfed the Internet using a standard 56k dial-up connection is aware of how slow web pages load. This is due to the fact that your dial-up Internet connection speed is limited by the bandwidth of phone line.

Although you can't increase the bandwidth of your dial-up Internet connection without upgrading to a high speed broadband provider, you can dramatically increase your existing browsing speed. Dial-up Internet accelerator service requires no new hardware and works with your existing phone line and modem.

How Do Dial Up Accelerators Work?

Special advanced compression and caching software is installed on your computer. There's generally a configuration menu where acceleration preferences can be set, such as image compression levels, excluded sites, etc.

Then you connect to the Internet via the service providers' high speed proxy server that reduces the time normally required to access the web site, and can filter unwanted ads and other unnecessary objects. Much of the data required to display the web page on your Internet browser can me compressed. These processes vastly reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted through the Internet connection between the telephone line and your computer's modem.

The data and image compression software will provide an immediate improvement in performance. Caching saves time by avoiding unnecessary repetitive data transmission by intelligently retaining and reusing data that had previously been downloaded to your computer. The longer you use the Internet accelerator software the greater improvements you should notice in surfing speeds due to the effect of caching.

Not all data can be compressed and some web content such as already compressed data & encrypted data from secure web sites will not be accelerated.

What Gets Accelerated?

Each Internet accelerator works differently, but generally the following is true of most accelerators. All text including the HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other markup of the web page, email message text, and other downloaded text files are compressed on the fly. This process is similar to the familiar drive compression or zip / unzip process. The files are decompressed to their original state as they are downloaded to your computer.

Web site images such as GIF and JPG graphic files are already in a compressed state. The acceleration server will then reduce the quality of the image somewhat to create an acceptable trade-off in image quality vs speed gained through the reduction process.

What Doesn't Get Accelerated?

Other than the web images described above, most compressed files such as MP3 music files, MPEG and other video files, P2P and ZIP file downloads, and gaming and streaming video feeds will not be accelerated.

Encrypted data from secure sites  https://  such as banking and secure shopping web sites will be sent in its' original form, and no accelerated speed increase will be realized when downloading this type of content.

How Fast Is It?

Most dial-up providers claim that Internet accelerator web pages load an average of 3 to 5 times faster. Naturally, the specific speed increase you will receive is determined by many factors including the types and frequency of web sites that you visit. Some users have reported up to 20 times speed increases for specific web pages.

The longer you use the Internet accelerator software and more regularly you visit specific web sites, the greater the performance boost you will notice.

Is Accelerated Dial Up For Me?

Only you can answer this question, since everyone has different needs and expectations. Internet accelerator software is available as a subscription service, but many low cost Internet providers include dial up accelerators with their Internet service package.

You will find many special introductory deals as you compare Internet accelerator service options using our low cost dial up Internet provider comparison chart.

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How Dial Up Internet Accelerator Service Works?
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