A New 4G Satellite Network Will Soon Overtake Dial Up Internet In Canada

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet

Canada’s main provider for rural broadband Internet services, Xplornet Communications Inc has been testing a high throughput 4G rural broadband satellite service for the past few months. The company has announced that its product named, EchoStar XVII has passed all the tests and has also been customer tested for viability. EchoStar XVII is already put on a trial operation in the Stathcona Regional District and according to industry analysts and company sources; the success of this new Internet service would mean an impending end to the days of dial up Internet in Canada.

Initially launched in middle 2012, this new product introduces high speed Internet facilities to rural and remote parts in the country, so that residents within the coast to coast footprint can have easy access to the Internet at any time they want. According to President Xplornet Communications, Allison Lenehan the new 4G satellite broadband connectivity is poised to be a ‘game changer’ in the country’s Internet dealings. ‘I just can overstate the importance of rural Canadians having access to an affordable and fast broadband service. So we made it our mission to bridge the rural and urban digital divide. Today we have results to show we are succeeding in our mission’ says Lenehan.  The satellite Internet service has been designed to provide higher speed Internet coverage in Ontario, New Brunswick, British Colombia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, New Foundland and Prince Edward. ‘I am thrilled to welcome all the people in these areas to the world of high speed Internet’ added an enthusiastic Lenehan.

Following the EchoStar XVII market launch, Xplornet kicked off with a pre-sale marketing campaign offering pilot subscriptions to the rural and remote Canadians so that they can test for themselves the integrity of the new Internet service. Avis Sokol, Vice President Marketing of Xplornet said that the customer testimonials and the positive sales in the select communities in the specific coverage areas have exceeded the company expectations. ‘Now we can start marketing our service nationally’ he concluded.


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