Access from AT&T SNAP Internet Discount

Access From AT&T SNAP Low Income Discount

AT&T Low Income Discount for SNAP Recipients

As a condition of the approval of the AT&T and DirecTV merger, the FCC mandated that AT&T provide an affordable low income Internet access program.

The Access from AT&T program provides low cost Internet to participants of SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamp Program).

AT&T’s Access Internet service is available in any of the 21 states where AT&T wired home Internet is offered. Depending on the Internet speeds available in your location, the monthly cost will either be $10 for the 10 Mbps or 5 Mbps plans or $5 for the 3 Mbps Internet connection. You don’t get to choose; AT&T will install whichever plan is the fastest offered in your area. AT&T will also waive the equipment rental fees and provide free installation.

AT&T Internet Access Service Area

If you don’t live in an AT&T Internet service area, you can check out our full list of Internet Discount Programs here.

A huge difference in the AT&T program when compared to other low income Internet programs such as Comcast’s Internet Essentials or Cox Cable’s Connect2Compete is the qualification criteria. Most other programs require a household to have at least one child participating in the free or reduced cost school lunch program. The Access from AT&T program qualification is based on participation in the food stamp program, meaning single adults and families without school age children can also qualify for the low-income Internet service discount.

The FCC has recently expanded the Lifeline Subsidy program to include broadband Internet costs. Combining the $9.25 per month Government subsidy with a low-cost Internet plan such as AT&T’s Access, can provide free or almost free Internet service for eligible recipients.


Why get the Access program from AT&T?

“Technology has the ability to revolutionize education and empower lives, but only for those who can connect to it. Access to the Internet brings with it an opportunity to apply for jobs online, connect with family and friends, access virtual library shelves, research health questions, complete an online education—and a whole lot more. The Access program from AT&T provides an affordable way for low-income consumers to take advantage of these opportunities.” Source AT&T

Access from AT&T Features

  • Low Cost – $10 or $5, depending on available speed.
  • No Commitment
  • No Deposit
  • Free WiFi
  • Free Installation

To find out if you qualify for the Access from AT&T program visit their secure application page or go here for more information about the program.

If you are having problems using the online application form, you can contact an AT&T representative by phone.

  • English Help – 855.220.5211
  • Spanish Help – 855.220.5225

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Access from AT&T SNAP Internet Discount
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This would help me out [Tremendously]

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why just snap? why not those who qualify for medi-cal or people at the poverty level who do not take food stamps? program leaves so many out which is probably the idea…….

Rita May says February 5, 2019

how do you sign up? we are already using ATT internet service

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I have tried to access AT&T for SSI low cost internet service. I have no way to copy my SSI card. What can I do?

Jeannette Smith says April 19, 2020

I have snap,SSI.I am 60 and college student at Saddleback college in Mission Viejo, ca.I need internet to do my classes

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i have food stamps inernet phone

clydedean murphy says June 27, 2020

social security cheeck medicare medicaid handcap be 50 ageold i have food stamps

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