ASUS Black Diamond RT-N56U Wireless Router


Dual-Band Wireless-N600 Gigabit Router

Manufacturer’s Description

Modern Design. Exceptional Speed. Versatile Innovation.

Impossibly thin with a glossy black patterned finish, the ASUS Dual Band gigabit wireless-N RT-N56U router truly cuts the edge of innovation with powerful features that deliver the latest in networking capabilities. Equipped with exceptional hardware Network Address Translation (NAT), this one-of-a-kind router delivers up to 1000Mbps throughput that’s up to five times faster than conventional gigabit routers. The RT-N56U is like having two routers in one. Dual band transmissions enable both 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrums simultaneously to give you faster, more secure connections. And with up to 300,000 sessions—20 times the amount of conventional routers—you have sufficient headroom for additional clients and devices without buying an additional router.

The RT-N56U also provides users with incredible versatility. Plugging in a USB All-in-One printer, enables easy sharing between printer and scanner functions for all networked PCs. Download Master BitTorrent client shifts download duties from the PC directly to the router-attached storage via the two onboard USB ports. For even more convenience, ASUS AiDisk transforms a connected USB device into an FTP server for remote transfers. The RT-N56U was designed with ease-of use in mind. With a CD-free, plug-and-play setup, the RT-N56U gets you up and running to let you effortlessly optimize bandwidth for gaming, video calls, downloading or whatever else you choose.

Whether you use it as a print server, BitTorrent hub, FTP storage, or ultra-fast Wireless N router, the RT-N56U adapts to your networking needs as a cross-functional network device.

RT-N56U Features

Dual-Band Wireless-N600 Gigabit Router

  • Dual-band for lag-free entertainment
  • 5X faster gigabit internet surfing with hardware NAT
  • Powerful Online Multitasking at up to 300,000 Data Sessions
  • Twin USB ports enable multi-role usability

ASUS RT-N56U Firmware Downloads


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User Submitted ASUS RT-N56U Review

ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band RT-N56U Wireless-N 600 Router Review

The ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N Router has the element of black diamond because of the lustrous black plastic covering. A speed that is unique in every way it also supports features that are simply amazing. Having two USB ports in order to endorse both storage and printing facility it is also able to provide with WDS bridging. The interface is pretty facilitative where the set up has been devised to facilitate the user’s interest to the maximum where the router can also be used as another point for wireless.

At present a whole range of computers and other related products are being used under the league of ASUS. These products vary from headphones to storage devices, in general. These also comprise of all those stuff that is the basic requirement of a home-based network with the likes of routers as well as Wi-Fi.

The high-quality that is provided by the brand ASUS has updated parts and components where the user is always given the option of switching to some other firmware. So all those people who would really like this choice “ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router” is definitely the way to go. The product is the amalgamation of a very fast processor, dual band (2.4 and 5 GHz), 11n networks etc. In order to further enhance these properties, the design is sleek making it a yet another enticing product in the market.

Although the product “ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router” is very condensed, it is packaged in a large box which is fit to carry a number of nettops and maybe a netbook too. From the layers of package, the product seems quite suggestive of the fact that it is one lavished product for there are a lot of details and technical guidance provided in the box for the convenience of the users.

The basic of the Internet operations as well as the application can be done is 2.4 GHz; the band that is able to conduct a wireless streaming is 5GHz. Thus both of these bands are operative at all times; hence, optimization of speed is achievable in this product so that the users are able to make the best use of the smooth, hiccup-free streaming of the content. In addition to this, the ASUS RT-N56U is able to support data session of more than 250, 000 which are all open and working together.

Thus, it also means that the networking calibre amounts to more than twenty times than that of ordinary ones so multitasking is very much achievable all thanks to the ASUS Black Diamond Router even in instances of multiple loading at one point of time.

Moreover, there are additional gain antennas in an Black Diamond Router which are simply equipped to support the best of the signals for its users. The Ai Radar design augments the signal coverage more aptly where it is able to provide with quality and stability that a user is looking for.


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