At&t Forcing DSL Customers To U-Verse

At&t U-Verse or Cable

At&t U-Verse or Cable

ISP 1 received this disturbing feedback from one of our users:

From: Cheryl

FYI… I live in St Augustine, FL and have had AT&T DSL for years.

I’ve just received an email with a link that said as soon as U-Verse is available in your area (it now is in mine), at some point you will be forced to take it (higher cost and rented equipment) or leave AT&T.
A phone call to a customer service rep 1-800-288-2020 verified that they are phasing out DSL service and switching people to the new system as it’s implemented.

It would be nice if your customers didn’t sign up for it without knowing they’ll lose it soon. The sales people did NOT know about this, they are still selling it – and both sales people I spoke with denied that AT&T would discontinue DSL! They have not yet been told (well, one has!).

My rate would more than double, not counting the equipment rental.

I found your site because I’m looking for a replacement- they’ll only give me 30 days to switch once I’m notified.

Here is a link to this info from the email (which I wish I could attach), their ‘terms of service’ for 2011: see #2.e.



Here is an excerpt from that At&t TOS section:

  1. Conversion from DSL to U-verse High Speed Internet. When AT&T is able to provision Service to you via our U-verse High Speed Internet at your location, we may, in our discretion, discontinue your DSL service and make available to you AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet at the then applicable rates, terms and conditions, which may differ from your previous DSL Service rates, terms and conditions (including bundle discounts). If you are on a term plan and your price will increase as a result of this conversion, you will not have to pay any applicable ETF if you elect to cancel service.Your new AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet will require different customer premises equipment (“CPE”). When you are selected for conversion, we will provide at least thirty days’ notice of the discontinuation of your service via e-mail. Thirty days after such notice, we may at our sole discretion, either disconnect your service or temporarily suspend your service for up to fifteen days before we permanently discontinue service.


It is apparent to ISP 1 that At&t is phasing out their older DSL service in favor of the newer, faster and more expensive fiber optic ATT UVerse service which also supports HD television programming.

This is most likely an attempt to get existing DSL customers who use cable or satellite TV services to bundle with At&t once U-Verse is available in their area. However cable Internet services in many areas are cheaper than fiber for the same Internet speed ranges, so this may not produce the result that At&t is anticipating if existing At&t customers decide to switch such as Cheryl did.

What do you think?

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Dan says March 26, 2011

What a scam. Att just wants more money. They should let you keep the DSL if you want to.

Bunny says March 29, 2011

I just got my new terms and conditions. I was going to check out U-Verse last month but when I read the reviews especially on customer service and I canceled appointment because it was so bad. There was only one good review about it. Now, I possibly going to be forced into a worse situation and pay more money and what is up with paying of data usage. I will be looking for another provider. I hate changing my email address as I have six mailboxes but it looks like I have no choice in the matter.

They are trying to get you on their HD cable services. I might go back to as I always had good customer service. Those reading this check out the reviews for U-Verse. When talking with AT&T customer service they always seem to quote their promotional price and I tell them I want to know the real price.. and finally they tell.

I agree with Bob. Let us keep our DSL.

Anonymous says April 6, 2011

I keep reading comments where people are saying, DSL is outdated so they are moving forward and you should too and that we can’t expect them to keep servicing an old outdated service. However, what I find annoying is how it seems that you MUST pay for the new equipment, pay for the installation, and also then pay a potentially higher fee for your internet service. Then on top of that, they expect you to pay an overusage fee to them if you happen to go over a limit they are now setting in May 2011. Also, did I mention that I read that you can’t get U-verse internet without BUYING into their TV service as well? So in essence, it’s forced television and internet service. You don’t take the TV, you can’t have internet and if you do take it, you get charged. Never mind you were a loyal customer for years, we expect you to PAY us for force upgrading you; through out equipment and installation. When they hit me with this kind of notice, they can expect a quick and hefty get lost from me.

Also, if you haven’t read, they are also trying to eliminate your rights as well in their new contract wording in which they say “you can’t sue them nor file class actions” and must do arbitration from a company that THEY paid of course. These companies, whom tend to favor towards the business that paid them, will not give you a fair arbitration which will take away your rights as a person.

Then, there is the last item in which if you speak in a nasty tone to their customer service reps, in which they are allowed to terminate your service. So I can see someone calling and being angry over force installation, caps, etc. only to hear a rep say that they are now terminating their service for speaking abusively to them. Hey, abusive is a broad term. I can just raise my voice at you and you could define that as being abusive could you not?

For some they said, well the cap is 150 GB a month, which is fair. Why do people not see the factor that they CAN change this at ANY time they want? What is stopping them from setting a new cap to 100 GB six months later, and then 50 GB a year after that? Absolutely nothing.

Nancy Hartzog says April 12, 2011

I received an email from AT & T this morning that stated everything you mentioned in your post. U-verse is available in my area so that means that like it or not, AT & T is planning to hook me up and charge me more. This was the last straw for me. I called Charter today and switched my service! I have put up with AT&T too long as it is. I’ve been a customer with them for 14 years and the only thing that can be said for them is they have steadily charged more and provided worse service with the passage of time.
Every time I have had to call them about billing errors I’ve had to spend an average of an hour trying to resolve a problem. They have absolutely the worse customer service of any company I have to contact and they constantly screw up my bill, in their favor of course!
I resent mightily that they have the audacity to attempt to force me to go with uverse. This company thinks they are so large and powerful that they can trample over customers, all in the name of almighty profit, and get away with it. It’s time for consumers to stand up and take their rights back. It is we who keep them in business and we can put them out of business.

Barb says April 26, 2011

I’ve been comparing my current Charter costs w/ATT U-verse offers in my area. There are no hook-up/installation fees right now with U-verse. No contracts. I ran ALL the numbers/packages/called Charter,etc. I can save approximately $245 over the next 12 months by going with U-verse. Charter will not lower their costs, and w/U-200 we get free whole house DVR. Charter is terrible here(Wisconsin), high costs and not so hot customer service. I think I may take my chances and go w/ATT U-verse. They can’t be any worse! (Hopefully!)

Andrew says April 30, 2011

Wow, what a nightmare. Makes me glad to be an employee and subscriber of DISH Network where I don’t have to deal with that type of thing. DISH has a lot of other advantages too. For instance if you’re getting all your entertainment / communication services from a single source, if one goes down, you lose everything. DISH also has more HD channels than anyone else in the industry and with great offers like HD free for life you’ll be paying less too.

Fred says June 3, 2011

So many unhappy customers. I’m one of them. I’m going to take my business else where.

Just Me says June 5, 2011

It’s been 3 months since I saw the new TOS; so far AT&T has not tried to force U-Verse on me. In Illinois they offer U-Verse Internet without a bundle; but I’m not paying to lease equipment, have someone tramping all over my house running fiber cable, etc.

My understanding is that any alternative DSL provider will be up a creek without a paddle once AT&T pulls DSLAM’s from the CO’s. In other words, sorry, no DSL available unless the ALEC’s co-locate their own hardware.

Some postings suggest AT&T is violating Federal case law by continuing to force binding arbitration on customers, but the legal issues are sort of unclear to me.

I’d go wireless, but many of the carriers are expensive and unreliable.

Seth hamilton says August 17, 2011

Well let me start by saying U-Verse sucks. I’m paying more than double what I paid for my 12mb speed I got with their dsl, now I’m getting maybe 750kbs’s? The technical support guy I just talked to told me they weren’t even supposed to let me have U-Verse if I couldn’t get more than 12mbs. Oh so I got screwed by the sales rep??? I’m glad I’m only two weeks into my inconsistent disconnecting reconnecting Internet service as I will definitely not be giving them any of my money and will sure as hell be canceling my service.

I hope all of you considering this service don’t by their BS

Vincent says September 28, 2011

I have recently switched to this service in Louisiana from AT&T DSL. So far so good. Have not received the next bill yet to see if everything they said they were going to do will be true. Did not realize that the modem also doubles as a wireless router. Thought when I got the package it would be just a small modem. I received two large boxes in one box. Was trying to simplify space. But as I hooked it up it took up less space than I thought. All installation charges were waived. (is what they said and the modem cost $100.00 and will be offset via a gift card). I am on a Mac. Not that it makes a difference. I subscribed to u-verse internet and u-verse phone for $59.00 a month which is suppose to include long distance and more features. Will keep u posted to see how this plays out.

kyle says October 5, 2011

Phase out dsl?!!! They cover way to much rural areas which would be more inefficient for them to run expensive fiber to those area’s. Don’t always believe what you see.

Bill says November 6, 2011

As a installer for uverse we are seeing many customers being switched over from dsl to uverse dsl,is it better, yes you can get higher speeds than dsl. But in rural areas it will be awhile before they switch to uverse.As far as contracts I have heard some cases of contracts but in most cases you can opt out within 30 days if you choose.Uverse does offer whole home DVR which you can record,watch and pause from anywere in the house.They now offer wireless boxes(up to 2 at this time)I have it in my house and love it better than any other company and as far as dish or direct go with uverse when it gets cloudy it dont go out.

Carolyn says December 8, 2011

Our 10 year old DSL has had lots of trouble the past few months & our SoCal AT&T has tried to fix it… Turns out that there are a few other DSL lines in our neighborhood being split from the main box down the street & the signal drops dramatically once the line reaches the house. The tech said the old DSL lines don’t work w/ his meters and a tech could come out that specializes in old tech to see if he can solve problem & rewire. However, the tech said it would be temp fix because next year our area is phasing out DSL & we would have to switch to uverse or change providers. Either they are really starting to phase out DSL in certain areas or they are having the techs bend the truth to get people to switch to a data base uverse plan. We are switching since they aren’t able to fix issue with are DSL and the alternatives available in our area (which is road runner) is the same price, if not more depending on data plan. Looks like more gotcha capitalism.

fed up customer says December 8, 2011

I was sent a letter stating I would be charged my current plans rate, under $30 for 4mbs, for a year because of the switch. It also said they would match or beat my current internet speed. I talked to them on the phone and they set me up with 12mbs at my current rate for a year. Then, it would go up to $59, if I remember correctly, after that. They told me, after I asked, we could switch back to our 4mbs service for NO CHARGE when the year is over BUT, that it would be going up $5. If you can take advantage of them and get the discounted rate for faster internet for a year and then look into switching to somebody more honest (and cheaper and with better service (at&t sucks balls in that respect)), I had to ask all the right questions to get honest answers, I would say F the F-er.
Do remember at&t, was the one monitoring and making copies of EVERYONE’S phone calls up in San Jose, or thereabouts, a couple years back.

Dean says January 25, 2012

I’ve been a 4 year happy customer of DSL. with the recent web development and the new high def videos on the Internet and movies are all unwatchable on DSL now days. Its pathetic to think we have to make these insanely large web pages that even on todays fiber 12mb connection take over 10 seconds to load at times. Not to mention you tube on the weekends is TOTALLY unwatchable even on 12mb. Since all that had been going on. we decided to swap to u-verse. we went from paying 90$ a month for DSL/Dish and a phone.
Now a package deal even saving us 50$ a month is 160$ a month.. Thats only the 2nd teir of internet they offer. we do have a descent package if you think that a good package is good with NO hbo, cinimax Ect. We DO get Showtime, TMC. FLIX. wooptydoo.
we had those with dish for 45$ a month. When we signed up with this service I told them blatantly that I cannot afford anything over 120$ a month. period!. They sold me on 125$ excluding taxes… ouch. somehow now were paying the 160. only 40 bucks more but were saving 50$ so our bill will actually be 200$+ as of march. I called them to cancel and go back to DSL and deal with no HD vids on the internet, or any other movie service. since 6mb is only 1mb too slow for streaming 720p movies. Thats on the TV not even 1080p So the 720p pulls 700mb a second. pure BS if you ask me. its just at the cut off where the price difference is quite substantial. I pretty much told at&t today where they can go. and how f’ing mad I am with them. I’m sick of Monopoly’s
Comcrap, Charter and AT&T are all in a fight over here over land. like we can only get AT&T for Internet period! we have NO OTHER CHOICE at all. comcast stops a mile down the road one way and charter about 3 miles the other way. We’ve been dealing with this kinda crap since 1997. when we 1st got Internet. For years Charter was the only thing there was here. Still only thing you can get in certain areas. I’m telling you its insane. If you want a different Internet provider you have to move. literally. Capitalism at its finest. It’s only going to get worse.. greed runs the machine.

Dean says January 25, 2012

Another thing AT&T did. They have me in collections over a bill from 7 years ago, I had no clue i even owed them money. I had the DSL for 4 years and NEVER got a notice. as soon as I went to U-verse They sent me collection letters non stop for 70$ Something they failed to collect on for 7 years and as soon as I change a service they somehow catch it and screw my credit up. I dont have an extra 70$ to pay them for their lazyness.

Chris C says March 16, 2012

Same story here: 10yr AT&T DSL customer. About twice a month for the last year the 3Mbps I’m paying for jumps erratically from 2Mbps to as little as 250kps. I’ve called for service about 4 times in the last year. I ask for a Tier II service rep before the Bangalore operator even has a chance to get started.

Each time they test the line they say there’s lots of errors and a tech has to come out and look at it. Each time they say it’s not their equipment and the tech wants to check the wiring in the house. I explain the wiring has been checked by a local IT pro for bad connections, improper resistance and breaks, and the modem and router are correctly configured.

They recheck and lo and behold, they’re able to correct the problem at their end! Great, back up to 2.8mbps, for 2 weeks, then it slowly drops down to 1.5 – 1.0mbps.

The rep told me that I’m paying for “up-to” 3mbps, but AT&T is only obligated to provide 1.5Mbps. Hmmm, I wonder if my boss would accept that explanation for working half-days?

“Hey boss, you’re paying me for 8hrs of work, but I’m actually only gonna be here for 4.”

I’m currently spending about $17.50/1Mbps. If I switch to Comcast I’ll pay about 40% more for about 3x the speed(6mbps). That comes to about $8.33/1Mbps. I guess I know what to do….

Samuel says April 9, 2012

AT &T repeats their history again. First they wanted customers keep monopoly over phone receiver equipments when telephone was new. Then they wanted to get money over linux free operating system when linux was getting popular. They set the lead to finish unlimited internet usage plans. Now they want us to use U-verse. AT &T U(getting)-Worse.

anonymous uverse employee says April 10, 2012

As an employee of At&t in Uverse, I can tell you that this is absolutely true. They are switching people over from DSL to Uverse all the time. If a customer calls in to change anything with their account or even just a question. They generate an order for us to go out and convert the dsl to uverse. Most of the time the customers are not even aware that the switch is being made. Although uverse offers faster speeds, the old DSL was much more reliable. As far as the sales reps “not knowing”, I think that is BS. The At&t sales reps have no soul. I have been to houses where they have sold internet to an elderly person who didn’t even own a computer. I don’t know what their incentive is but I do know from experience that they couldn’t give a s**t about the customers. Don’t believe anything anyone at At&t tells you. I deal with it every day. As a person with at least some morals, it sickens me to see the attitude of “it’s not my job, or problem” all through the company. Once you get moved off of DSL you CAN’T go back. be carefull

Steve says April 17, 2012

I am in Reno and am constantly bombarded with ATT UVerse junk mail and offers which I have so far ignored. ATT has just raised my DSL rate over the last few months with no prior notice so I guess they WILL have customers paying attention to UVerse offers. Not me….much more of this and I go to an alternative after many, many years of ATT local, long distance and Internet.
ATT should be investigated for their business practces.

Matt Gilbert says April 30, 2012

Wow, I just found myself in the ATT nightmare myself today!!!! It started out very innocently. I am moving not even a block away, and wanted my ATT residential landline and 1.5 mbs DSL service I’ve had for several years activated in one week at my new address. Simple enough request, one would think?
Not so fast!!! As the polite representive was ‘setting me up’ (pun intended) he starting doing the usual ‘offer’ of the ATT U-verse typically of what I always here whenever making a billing inquiry or something. I politely declined. After I emphatically told him at least 50 times I did NOT want U-verse, I just wanted to keep my DSL he then told me he could actually give me a better speed, for less for $14.95 a month for a year before it goes up to $44 a month, but I might as well take it, because my DSL would be that rate in a year anyway.
I kept pinning him down and was getting some suspicious double talk about the speeds and pricing and getting more confused, but I did get him pretty much nailed down to where it did sound like the $14.95 for one year was probably the best, but he said I would need their newer modem which would cost $100 but he could break that down to $25 a month over four months. He said the reason was for their higher speed better quality fiber optic network, which has a translator at the ‘node’ near the telephone pole near my house, and now the only copper wire involved was from the telephone pole to the D-mark connection on my house, it’s a win win situation, ya see. So, I went for it, thinking I did okay but still a little suspicious.
While we were still on the phone, I asked if I would be getting a confirmation email, good thing I checked while he was on the line. The first email thanked me for switching to paperless billing, which I had not, he said,…..oops, and supposedly fixed that. The second email thanked me for switching to U-verse !!! Whoa!!! Wait a minute I said, I told you I did not want U-verse!!! His reply was that is what he meant by ‘fiber optic DSL’, and that the DSL that I had now was simply not available and was being phased out as an old technology.
We went round and round and round for a few minutes on all of that, and I ended up saying okay let’s go ahead and go with it.
After I got off the phone I got to thinking about it and how it made no sense for me to be forced into a product I neither wanted or needed, so I called back, and after 3 or 4 attempts, getting transferred, hung up on, etc etc I finally got the order cancelled.
Supposedly. It remains to be seen whether or not I am really cancelled. ATT is very underhanded and unscrupulous in their business practices.
I simply wanted to take the services I already had and moved to a new location. I feel like I went in to have my oil change and ended up with new spark plugs, a distributor, and a set of tires.
When all is said and done, I may, just MAY drop ATT completely and use another service or services.

I would like to *thank* Steve Lawrence emp # SL3544 for taking my order and also to *thank* Ray Ra530p of ATT for today for supposedly cancelling my uverse service I never wanted anyway, if those are really their names. Also thanks to the other 5 or 6 ATT employees who put me on hold and transferred me to a brand new dial tone.

In fairness to them, it sounds like their hands may be tied because off ATT’s policies. Shame on ATT !!!!

Mark Fenberg says August 3, 2012

My girlfriend received the same notice from ATT. Since I’m her “tech support” person, I made the call to find out the scoop. Yeah, I had to listen to the sales pitch for all the bundled products, but, in the end, my girlfriend is keeping her Direct TV and getting only internet through Uverse. Keeping her phone as it is, due to better performance with the land line. The bottom line is that she will save money… for now! After a year, if the price goes up considerably, she’ll look for another internet option. The Uverse router showed up yesterday (8-2-12), but the connection is not yet ready! That what really irritates me! They promise that the connection will be ready, but it is not. The other issue is that I had already configured the existing ATT router to be only a bridged modem so I can connect it to my wireless N router. Now, I’ll to figure out how to do the same with the Uverse router… if it’s possible. I don’t understand why all the major players are still stuck on Wireless G, when Wireless N has been out for some time!

Beverly Bryant says August 13, 2012

We received this notice today…saying we will be upgraded to U-Verse. Only problem is, U-Verse isn’t available in our area. I double-checked. So, now what? Why would they send us this notice when there is no U-Verse in our area anyway? We do plan to call them, but aren’t too hopeful. Anyone else receive this notice in an area where there is NO U-verse availability?

Richard Peterson says September 3, 2012

We received this cryptic e-mail Saturday that in the next month we would be automatically switched to U-Verse. No choice. We have been loyal customers of ATT for over 55 years and I even worked for the Bell System for years. We are almost 80 years old and only use the computer for lots of e-mails and web surfing for items we can afford. No movies, no music, no texting, etc. ATT should be ashamed for doing such dis-service to their customers.
Changing our e-mail address would be a big chore for us and we are not sure there is another service available. So, will let them screw us now but get prepared for a change before that first year ends.

Brandy Eckroth says January 8, 2013

They just shut my services down and forced me to wait 7 days for a uverse box once I installed the box they then tell me that I have to pay 90 $ and hour to upgrade my phone lines, the dsl was working fine, this has to be a class action lawsuite I have paid my bill on time for over 20 years and they should not shut services down when we dont responde to there letters, They are still the Monopolizing giant that they broke up in the 80s and are 1000X worse now with new technology, the government wont stop them they are the same as the rail roads and there is nothing we can do about it, welcome to capitalisum 101

Estelle Nelson says July 26, 2013

I am moving about 2 or 3 miles away and called to transfer my DSL service. My story is the same as everyone on here. I was told I would have to change to their fiber optics whatever and also would not be able to use my existing modem with wireless router but would have to get a more expensive one from them. I just cancelled the entire service with them. I can’t afford to pay more for my internet and my new apartment complex offers free basic cable. That is why I am moving because my apartment complex where I have been for over 8 years has raised my rent so high if I don’t get out of here I will be homeless. I don’t know what is happening in this country but we all need to organize and do something about this,starting maybe with a class action lawsuit against AT&T. Now I have no internet at all and can’t look for a job because you can’t apply for a job without internet. They really have you coming and going.

Perry Mattes says August 13, 2013

YES, ATT SUCKS !!! Welcome to the New Transformed America !!!

dn32844 says July 26, 2014

Those running AT&T are nothing but a bunch of greedy crooks and we must stand up to them by discontinuing their services. ATT’s corporate greed is now forcing customers to buy U-verse service by cutting their “standalone DSL” service and regretfully we have no one in congress to stop these crooks. The only way stopping corporate tyranny would be standing up to the bastards by boycotting them

dn32844 says July 26, 2014

Call your damned congressman and file a complaint about fkg at&t. Yes, they are in the pocket of at&t and rest of corporations whose money buys Zombie voters to the side of their servant in congress, however, if we stand up even most corrupt congressman will be forced to listen.

Ed says November 24, 2014

I’m getting 3 minute drop outs on my DSL at the same time each day several times a day .
Is this “programmed encouragement” urging my move from DSL to UVerse Internet?

Joey says September 7, 2015

I can’t get more than 20 MB of download without the file breaking, and AT&T has the phone bill at $90! I’ve called many times and they always have me feeling good that i’ve switched to a better plan, but when the bill gets here. It’s the same or higher. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses such as “our price doesn’t take into account taxes added” yet they’re mum as to how much goes to taxes.

This is downright criminal – yet do a search who contributes to Congress and AT&T is either first or second.

Is a class action suit possible without a settlement for one dollar per customer? Seems AT&T has everyone over a barrel and in my area there’s no competition.

Lastly, how about voice over IP and charging insane rates they charge, and handing your entire history over to the government without a warrant? Criminal.

Dee says November 18, 2015

I was having problems with my dsl going down and called AT&T. After being sent around the world, (polite but some I could not understand at all), they convinced me that uverse would be my savior. They finally told me there was trouble in my area and my dsl would be up in 3 days. In the meantime, they had called to tell me my uverse installation date would be delayed because of “an engineering problem” and I would be rescheduled later. I called to cancel my uverse order and they informed me that if I cancelled, my dsl would be affected. I feel that I was threatened and coerced.

Jim Miller says May 30, 2019

They are pulling all sorts of underhanded tactics to drive us off DSL here in Mount Olive Ms. The service has gotten rotten, they have claimed late payments on 3 occasions recently and adding a $30 “re-establishment” fee, when there have been no late payments in the almost 10 years we have had AT&T DSL. We just went through this again last week, finally getting them to reconnect yesterday. We are paying for 3.5 mbps and have been for all these years, and after yesterday, they have cut it back to 2 mbps, and it actually gets 1.5 mbps, making my apps like Roku unusable. This has been going on for a couple of years now, where they throttle an already slow 3.5 down to less than 1 mbps, and it takes a dozen calls to complain to get them to straighten up their act, which only lasts for a week or two, then right back to trying to drive us off. The last technician that came to check the system after a lightening strike down the road, said himself that they are doing people wrong and dirty and trying to break their contracts. I’m hoping a class action suit starts against them.

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