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AT&T Paying DirecTV Customers to Switch Mobile Networks

AT&T Paying DirecTV Customers to Switch Mobile Networks

AT&T Paying DirecTV Customers to Switch Mobile Networks

AT&T recently completed its acquisition of DirecTV after the deal achieved approval from the FCC. After the merger, AT&T became the biggest pay-TV provider in the US. Also, the ISP gained thousands of potential customers for its mobile phone services.

Now AT&T wants to take the takeover a step further. The ISP is looking to attract customers of DirecTV services also to subscribe to its wireless phone services. The ISP is asking the DirecTV subscribers to switch over to its phone services from other wireless services they may be using. The ISP is offering an incentive of $300 bill credits for every line shifted to its network, and $200 more when the new customers hand over their old phones in exchange for AT&T connected handsets.

U-Verse Subscribers in on AT&T Switch Over Offer

Apart from DirecTV subscribers, AT&T is also offering the switchover offer to U-Verse subscribers. U-Verse and DirecTV subscribers that join AT&T will also be given 10,000 Plenti points if they combine their TV and wireless phone services in one bill. The AT&T offer bundles TV services along with four lines loaded with 10 GB shareable data and unlimited text and talk for $200 months in the option. This offer by AT&T earns a customer four different cell phone lines and a full TV package that makes a pretty good family deal.

The switch-over deal by AT&T to Uverse subscribers and DirecTV subscribers is an aggressive move by the company to challenge leading cable TV and wireless phone providers such as Time Warner and Comcast. AT&T has been working hard to cement its position as a leading ISP in the USA. It recently launched an ambitious project to run fiber past over 100 million homes in a bid to overlap the fiber footprint of its competitors. We can only wait and see how successful this AT&T expansion campaign becomes in the long run.

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