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ATT U-Verse TV Hits 300,000 Subscribers In Houston

At&t U-Verse

At&t U-Verse

AT&T U-Verse TV has recently reached the 300,000 customer mark in the Houston Internet market. With this achievement AT&T has added one more major city to its repertoire where it has expanded its penetration in the IPTV and related Fiber to the Node (FTTN) based data service.

Houston follows a similar achievement by AT&T in Kansas City where the company has reached 400,000 U-Verse subscribers and in Atlanta where it has over one million U-Verse subscribers. U-Verse, wherever available, tends to shield AT&T from losses that it is currently incurring due to the traditional POTS users. U-Verse has managed to keep the company competitive.

AT&T reported that in the last quarter of 2011 it had added new 208,000 U-Verse TV and 587,000 U-Verse internet customers. As it was expected the internet service provider reported a net loss of 49,000 broadband users in markets where U-Verse was not available and where users switched to the faster cable modem connections.

In spite of making losses in the traditional DSL data subscribers, the company continues to remain profitable and make gains primarily due to U-Verse which has already crossed the 30 million marks nationwide. AT&T, at the end of 2011 Q4 had a total video subscriber base of 5.6 million. This figure consists of both bundled satellite and U-Verse customers.

AT&T U-Verse services are delivered over AT&Ts advanced IP (Internet Protocol) network offers users a better alternative to cable with better features, better DVR, better apps and a better television experience. With U-Verse, AT&T customers are able to bring broadband, TV, home phone, and wireless services all under one bill with additional features that allow a new level of control, convenience and integration. According to JD Power and associates AT&T U-Verse ranked number one amongst all residential TV service providers for four consecutive years from 2008 to 2011.

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