AT&T U-Verse Launches Testing For Faster Speeds

At&t U-Verse High Speed Internet

At&t U-Verse High Speed

According to insider information from the AT&T U-Verse section, the company is now in the process of launching several upgrade plans. A nationwide speed upgrade trial is in the agenda and already trials are taking place in various locations across the country. Though AT&T sources have not publicly acknowledged the rumors about AT&T U-Verse soon being able to offer whopping speed levels of 65 Mbps upwards, the information that is coming through various company sources have confirmed that according to the new gateway of MGV589 which is used in the trials it is indeed capable of generating at least 45 Mbps download speeds.

However, even with this new speed AT&T will still not be in par with competing cable Internet operators in the country. The insider sources have not revealed about a specific time frame as to when the testing will be completed and the new speed levels will be made available for the subscribers. However, indications are given to the effect that the new technology and better speeds will be effective before the end of summer or fall this year. At the beginning of 2013, a number of executives from the company hinted about whopping speed level improvements in the pipeline claiming that subscribers can look forward to receiving speeds between 75 – 100 Mbps before the end of this year.

In January this year, John Donovan CEO AT&T said, ‘with the plant technology advancements we have made, 90% of AT&T U-verse customer locations will receive capabilities of 75 Mbps. Another 75% will have capabilities of receiving up to 100 Mbps. About 80% of IP DSLAM subscriber locations will have capabilities of receiving 45 Mbps and at least half of them will have the capability of receiving speeds up to 75 Mbps’.

In order to qualify for such extravagant speed levels the subscribers should have the proper infrastructure in place. These include having high quality copper lines, additional pairs for bonding and have shorter loop lengths of 2000 feet or less from VRAD.

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