AT&T Wi-Fi Goes International

AT&T Wi-Fi Goes International

AT&T International WiFi

AT&T has officially launched its WiFi services beyond the United States which will allow persons traveling abroad to communicate easily with their families and friends back home.

Travelers have been complaining of getting bored using social media platforms to communicate back and insisted on getting the right mobile telephony option. AT&T has finally heard their cry and they can now enjoy WiFi whenever outside the country.

They have already sent text messages to all the subscribers informing them of the new development. The message read; “with the latest software update for your phone, you can use WiFi calling when traveling outside the U.S. This means you can call back to the U.S or receive incoming calls, with no airtime charges. When you call international numbers, your rates will be the same as those in your Smartphone plan or your international package.”

The company has been in the business of rolling out WiFi services to their customers since 2015. However, the latest development is set to take their push to a whole new level. Travelers will enjoy cheaper international calls back home and there are unlimited advantages of that. AT&T has actually dedicated a full page to explain to their subscribers on why they should embrace the new Wi-Fi plan.

They insist it’s very easy to set up, it works automatically once enabled, works with all compatible devices and you will not have to buy a new number or even app. However, they have warned that in some countries WiFi usage is restricted.  “You can make calls to domestic numbers and receive calls with no additional charge and no impact on voice call airtime usage,” they explained. “For international calls, the rates from your calling plan or international long distance package apply. “

Furthermore, text messages sent or received with WiFi Calling count the same as regular text messages.

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