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AT&T Wireless Gets Serious with 5G Service Campaign

AT&T Wireless Gets Serious with 5G Service CampaignWith 2016 already growing old, it appears like nothing will stand on the way of AT&T Wireless in its efforts to start offering 5G Internet services.

To show their levels of seriousness, the company recently sent its representatives into a meeting with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). At the meeting, they discussed among many other things the proposal by FCC to increase band spectrum which are above 24 GHz for mobile radio services.

Among top officials that executives from AT&T have met to sell their 5G vision include those from Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, International Bureau and Office of Engineering and Technology (OET). Key among their issues in the presentation made to FCC includes multi-radio access technology (RAT) approach as well as simultaneous connections to multiple technologies.

There is also a detailed discussion about key 5G concepts that affect RAN and transmission point (TP) groups for low latency transport. “5G specs should be designed to be distributed and virtualized as well as avoid strict timing relationships to allow distributed implementation,” the presentation says in part. AT&T is worried that its competitors are perfect in their 5G service and might be moving at a much faster speed.

However, AT&T Senior EVP of Technology and Operations John Donovan who spoke at the 2016 Global Internet, Media and Telecommunications Conference in Las Vegas said they are not seeing any urgency in the matter. “We are doing everything in 5G that everyone is doing. We sit on the standards boards. We’re trialing the technologies. We’re trialing different flavors of the technology. We’ve earmarked cities for deployments early,” Donovan said.

“We just haven’t been overly public because what we want to do is we want to keep the optionality of being early, mid- or on the back end, depending on whether we’re going to optimize to speed, capacity or cost.”

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