Broadband Internet Options Rivals Quality Schools when Looking for a New Home

Broadband Choices

Broadband Choices

As summer blazes on and families have more time together, even in this slumping economy, people are looking for new homes. This day in age, where everyone is dependent on technology, one of the major things to think about when searching for a new home or neighborhood is what options you have for Internet service. An article by Mike Shelah calls considering service providers “…an important decision factor – almost up there with the quality of schools and trash removal.”

Following are some IT tips to help make searching for a new home with the internet service you are looking for fast and easy.

1.)    Consider the distance that you are moving. Why? There is a central office or CO in every area that handles DSL/Dialup and telephone services. If you end up changing central offices can affect your access to DSL Internet due to the fact that it is only effective up to 18,000 feet from the central office building. For higher DSL speeds these distances get shorter, the faster the speed the shorter the distance. A 3 Mbps DSL connection would be about a maximum of 6000 feet from the CO. If you exceed these limits the quality and speed of your Internet connection will suffer.

2.)    Consider alternative Internet providers. Do not assume that just because Comcast and Verizon FiOS are growing in popularity that they will just be in your new home.

Do your research and find out what you and your family want and need from the Internet in your new home and do not settle for less!

You can find what Broadband Services are available in your area before you relocate.

Happy Home Hunting…

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