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Comcast Targets Twin Cities’ Mid-Size Businesses

For years Comcast has provided Internet services to small and medium size businesses in the Twin cities. These were aimed at businesses having less than 20 employees. Now Comcast has started thinking big. Last week was started catering medium sized businesses in the Twin cities including those which had multiple offices around the metro area. […]

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Optical Delusion? Fiber Booms Again, Despite Bust

Optical Delusion? According to the research firm CRU group around 19 million miles of optical fiber were installed last year in the US, the most since the Internet bubble burst in 2000. Corning Inc, a leading maker of optical fiber has sold record volumes in the past year and has told customers it cannot guarantee […]

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Tata Communications Completes Round-The-World Fiber Loop

Tata Communications has said that it has set up a fiber optic connection between Europe and India making Tata Communications the first company to provide round the globe fiber network. The latest 9,280 km Eurasia cable (TGN-EA) connects India to Europe through Egypt. The newest cable runs through the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea. […]

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ATT U-Verse TV Hits 300,000 Subscribers In Houston

AT&T U-Verse TV has recently reached the 300,000 customer mark in the Houston Internet market. With this achievement AT&T has added one more major city to its repertoire where it has expanded its penetration in the IPTV and related Fiber to the Node (FTTN) based data service. Houston follows a similar achievement by AT&T in […]

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