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Xfinity for Xbox 360 Not Restricted by Comcast Bandwidth Caps

  Comcast has announced that the content streamed on Microsoft’s Xbox will not count towards user’s 250 GB monthly usage broadband caps which have sparked an outrage amongst consumer groups and websites hating caps. However Comcast is well inside its rights as the FCC has failed to address network neutrality laws in the past which […]

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Low Cost Internet Coming to Families Who Qualify

Low Cost Internet Coming to Families Who Qualify Starting in spring of 2012, Time Warner, Cox, and Charter Communications will be introducing a low cost, low speed Internet access service to qualifying families at $9.95 a month for 2 years. This service is similar to Comcast’s “Internet Essentials” service which was made available earlier this […]

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Comcast Usage Caps Ruining Families?

Comcast Usage Caps Ruining Families? Jrodefeld and his family have been loyal Comcast customers for over seven years. The family was recently told that if they exceed their 250 GB usage cap once more than they will be suspended from Internet service for a whole year. Comcast claims Jrodefeld and many of their other subscribers […]

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Comcast: Bridging the Digital Divide

Bridging the Digital Divide Internet is an essential for school, isn’t it? Well, Comcast thinks it is, and to promote Internet usage in low-income families, they are providing discount access for millions across the United States. Those students that qualify for free lunches also get Internet access for $10.00 a month, plus a coupon for […]

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Comcast Broadband Gaining Customers

According to the 1st quarter earnings report for the nation’s largest ISP, Comcast, the company has earned 8.8 billion dollars from gaining broadband subscribers.  Comcast’s expenditures have increased 5.5% to 1.2 billion dollars. This extra spending is being put towards offering faster broadband Internet to customers. This faster broadband has gained almost 420,000 customers during […]

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