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AT&T Takes Exceptional Entertainment to Hyatt Hotels

Visitors to Hyatt hotels will soon have an experience of their lifetime courtesy of telecommunications company AT&T. AT&T is currently working out a possible deal with owners and operators of Hyatt hotels that will see them offer guests what they term as “exceptional entertainment”.  If the deal sails through, they will be able to provide […]

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AT&T to Enhance DirecTV Video Services

AT&T is planning to launch the ability for its customers to access and stream DirecTV video services over a wired or wireless Internet connection. The launch will take place sometime this year and will allow video streaming and access from any provider and from virtually any device – Smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, streaming media hardware or […]

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AT&T Turns to Mobile Advertising

Analysts at Wells Fargo Securities have confirmed that AT&T is in the process of building a mobile advertising business alongside the cross-platform video services it is working on through its acquisition of DirecTV. FierceWireless further revealed that AT&T might be considering starting a mobile-only video service. Since acquiring the assets of DirecTV, AT&T has been […]

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2.8M Wireless Customers Join AT&T Network

Fourth quarter results from 2015 have shown that AT&T added 2.8 million wireless customers but revenues driven by wireless went down compared to the corresponding quarter a year ago which stood at $18.9 billion. AT&T is adding more non-smartphone devices to its network but it’s also losing some postpaid customers. According to the results released […]

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AT&T to Transition U.S. Satellite TV Operations

Credible reports have it that AT&T will begin transiting its newly acquired U.S. satellite TV operations away from the DirecTV brand to the newly minted “AT&T Entertainment” starting January 2016. A memo from the company to its customers and seen by FierceCable confirmed the impending move. “Beginning in January, you’ll see us add the AT&T […]

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