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DirecTV options for the replacement of the Weather Channel

Recently we reported that DirecTV was dropping the Weather channel from its programming list. In light of these developments, the company has recently unveiled a number of new weather services for it subscribers. The suite of products includes a feature that allows subscribers to access local weather reports at any time of the day. Critics […]

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DirecTV Dumps Weather Channel

The weather channel has been removed from DirecTV’s lineup. This was done when the channel was pulled after the extension given to the company expired and the parties responsible for extending the contract were unable to come to an agreement. As a result of this development, customers of the now defunct DirecTV weather channel are […]

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DirecTV And NFL Negotiate New Deal After 2014 Season

DirecTV and the National Football League (NFL) have finally agreed to negotiate for the renewal of the satellite TV operator’s contract. The contract allows them to screen the NFL Sunday Ticket football package that is used to attract numerous subscribers to the TV network. Apparently they are still in “material negotiations” and have extended their […]

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