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Online Internet Ads Propel Google Profits To $3.4 Billion

Thanks to online Internet ads Google is now getting better and bigger not only in terms of their profits but in the way they project the online ads to the right audience at the right time. The Giant Internet Search engine has managed to match analysts’ earnings forecasts for the second quarter of this year […]

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Google On The Brink Of Ultra High Speed Internet Announcement

Search engine Goliath, Google is expected to make an announcement in Kansas City. The announcement will be based on its mega high speed Internet network though at this point the company is vague about the exact nature of the announcement. In their blog post the company hadn’t even mentioned where they will be making the […]

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No Access to Online Internet Content On July 9?

Before you download your next updated software, applications or any other online content to your computer, make sure it’s not from a bogus website caused by Trojan malware. You may have noticed if you’ve been on Google’s web search, that some search queries have a warning notification that displays “Your computer looks like it’s infected”. […]

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Google TV Blocked on DishOnline Too?

If you’re not familiar with Google TV, it’s a software platform that uses the Android operating system for viewing of web video, DVR integration from cable and satellite providers, plus web browsing, and DLNA streaming for viewing of media stored via your PC on the best screen in your house. Your TV.  What’s more, the […]

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