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Verizon to Offer WiFi Calling Service

Verizon Wireless has finally been allowed to offer WiFi calling and now joins the long list of many other operators in America who have already established that service. It comes as a huge relief for the company that had chased the clearance for a long time. In a report carried by RCRWireless News, the Federal […]

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T-Mobile Bests Sprint; Now Third-Largest US Carrier

Sprint latest earning reports show that the company has finally fallen behind T-Mobile based on a number of subscribers. Although the ISP has surpassed T-Mobile in terms of subscribers, it’s by a small margin. T-Mobile reportedly has 58.9 million customers while Sprint has a total of 57 million customers. However, when you look at the […]

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Sprint “Open World” Reaches Across Borders

If you are a Sprint customer and have friends or relatives in Mexico, Canada, and other countries across the border, the Open World program is here. In a bid to compete with T-Mobile’s cross-border initiative, Sprint has launched its own called Open World. The cross borders campaign allows Sprint customers that enroll to it to […]

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Sprint Expresses Net Neutrality Support

In a surprise move, Sprint recently wrote a letter to the FCC stating that it is in support of the commission’s proposed Title II net neutrality regulations. This is a big surprise because until now, ISPs have collectively been against the introduction of Title II based net neutrality regulations by the FCC. In fact, Sprint […]

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Sprint Benefits From Radioshack Bankruptcy

Online shopping entity, Radio Shack recently filed for bankruptcy and Sprint Corp. seems to be benefiting from it. Radioshack has been performing dismally since 2011 hence it is no surprise that it is closing shop now. The carrier is set to take over a number of the defunct online shopping company stores. RadioShack had at […]

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