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Consumer Watchdog Vows to Fight for Privacy of Internet Users

Consumer Watchdog has maintained that it will continue pressing state regulators, Congress and the courts to ensure privacy of Internet users is upheld by service providers. Their resolve came a few days after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) overruled its petition seeking online privacy protections at online platforms like Google and Facebook. Consumer Watchdog is […]

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Cox Launches Search App for Children Content

Flare Kids, a free app that allows families to search for and discover the most popular child-friendly video content available online, is the latest product from Cox Communications in the market. A statement issued by the company states that this app has been designed to target children who are aged 3-8 years and will include […]

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216 Jimmy John’s Stores Affected By Credit Data Breach

Data breaches seem to be the norm now in commercial establishments and it seems that eateries have not been left out of the picture. Jimmy John’s, a sandwich making chain of restaurants has recently confirmed that its systems have been hacked into. According to reports, the hack resulted in a security breach that allowed hackers […]

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Over 1500 AT&T Customers Hit By Data Breach

Data breaches seem to be the norm with businesses these days and Internet service providers are not being left out. AT&T has faced the recent data breach after an employee of the company broke its privacy policy rules. The data breach is said to have hit customers of AT&T in Vermont and the ISP has […]

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Shellshock Bug Puts Internet of Things In Jeopardy

The Internet has been hit with a lot of hacking incidences recently and it seems the problems are just increasing. Now a huge flaw has been identified in a section of open source code that Linux and Mac OS X users should be wary of. The bug has Internet security experts in a panic looking […]

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