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Internet Safety

Internet Safety by Dan Karas The Internet is often looked at as a pool of fun, where it is possible to have a great time at all times. Each and every day there are millions of photos and videos posted online, and a great deal of this material is very amusing, interesting and in a […]

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Protect Your Identity When You’re Online

Protecting Your Identity While You’re Online The Internet’s virtual world is an endless source of information, a thriving business area, a very active social scene and, last but not least, a place where evil doings flourish. And it’s not just about hackers, but also about criminals from real-world who are waiting to find out each […]

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5 Tips to Keep your Kids Safe in Cyberspace

Five Tips to Keep your Kids Safe in Cyberspace Set firm rules and consequences Specific “Internet usage” timeframe Do not talk to people you don’t know No chat rooms (chat rooms can be easily blocked by using a control filter given by your Internet Service Provider) Keep the computer in a common, high traffic area […]

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