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Streaming for Youthful Customers Launched by Cox

Cox Communications has not been left lagging behind as they seek to bring on board many youthful customers in line with modern times. To that end, the company based in Atlanta plans to launch an online Streaming TV service dubbed “Flare MeTV” as reported by The Wall Street Journal. The company has remained highly guarded […]

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Cox Launches Search App for Children Content

Flare Kids, a free app that allows families to search for and discover the most popular child-friendly video content available online, is the latest product from Cox Communications in the market. A statement issued by the company states that this app has been designed to target children who are aged 3-8 years and will include […]

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Major US ISPs Join Campaign Against Child Sex Abuse

US ISP firms have joined a campaign to curb the spread of child pornographic material on the Internet. According to the Internet Watch Foundation firms such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Facebook have agreed to set in place a system that identifies child pornographic material and blocks these materials online. The anti-child pornography system […]

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Kids In-App Charges: Google Pays Big To Settle FTC Complaint

Following claims that some parents have been charged for their kid accessing apps they were not supposed to access in the first place on Google, the company may now be facing a huge bill of $ 19 million. In addition, Google is expected to change its billing procedures to ensure that such apps get parental […]

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Poll Reveals Young People Would Be Happier With Less Social Media Use

Although social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are the main hangout for young people these days, a recent research shows that it makes many of them feel, jealous, inadequate and ugly. The poll came from the disabled charity known as “Scope” and was done on about 1500 social media users. According to the findings, […]

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