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CenturyLink – Don’t Be an April Fool

April Fool’s? CenturyLink Inc, which manages CenturyLink Internet, has released information and tips to its customers to avoid getting fooled by common Internet scams on April fool’s Day. Few email users have fallen prey to these scams and lost money to bogus offers that arrive as spam in their email Inbox. Cunning con artists have […]

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The Internet and Chain Letters

The Internet and Chain Letters  by Dan Karas If you use the Internet on a regular basis, then you have probably received one or more chain letters. If you are an experienced Internet user, you probably know that these chain letters are something worth neither your attention nor your time. The problem is that a […]

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Internet Content-Control Software

Internet Content-Control Software  by Dan Karas The cyber world is a big world, and this world is a free one. This sounds like a great thing, as the Internet can help you find and gather all the information you need, on any topic, and for free. Not only can you find a lot of useful […]

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How to Hide Your IP Address

How to Hide Your IP Address by Dan Karas Privacy issues and Internet fraud have made the topic of hiding an IP address very popular indeed. In many cases people simply want to hide their IP address while online, in order to avoid some unpleasant situations, or even some dangerous situations. On the other hand, […]

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