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Senate Urged To Probe Data Caps

Consumer advocacy groups have appealed to lawmakers to intervene in the broadband capping introduced by Internet service providers. In a letter sent to the leaders of the Senate Commerce Committee, representatives of the New America Foundation, Consumer’s Union, Public Knowledge and Free Press stated that broadband caps generally reduce broadband use and discourage large bandwidth […]

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Cox – Still No Plans for Usage-Based Internet Fees

Cox Communications has accepted that the message posted on its website for its broadband customers about billing overage use was a mistake. Cox maintained that at the moment Cox Internet has no intention of introducing usage based plans or charging overage fees for exceeding monthly broadband usage limits. Depending on the customer’s plan Cox sets […]

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AT&T to Introduce Data Caps on DSL

Unlimited data download plans will soon be history for all AT&T DSL and U-verse customers as the company is planning to introduce a data cap on its broadband Internet services.  AT&T plans to introduce the data cap over the weekend. According to the new plan Internet customers exceeding monthly limit of 150 GB data in […]

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Xfinity for Xbox 360 Not Restricted by Comcast Bandwidth Caps

  Comcast has announced that the content streamed on Microsoft’s Xbox will not count towards user’s 250 GB monthly usage broadband caps which have sparked an outrage amongst consumer groups and websites hating caps. However Comcast is well inside its rights as the FCC has failed to address network neutrality laws in the past which […]

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AT&T Implementing Home Internet Caps Starting May 2nd

AT&T isn’t just modifying their data plan for mobiles but also changing home Internet plans. The company announced last week that it will introduce capping on data usage by its home Internet users. AT&T Internet currently covers many homes across America. The company’s DSL and U-Verse services provide high speed broadband service. But soon the […]

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