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Dallas Buyers Club Sues 31 Anonymous Torrent Users For Sharing Matthew McConaughey Movie

Dallas buyer club rightholders have decided to sue torrent users because of sharing a Matthew McConaughey illegally. The lawsuit was filed recently in Texas with the plaintiff claiming that they had used GEO-location technology to trace the culprits. According to the accusations set forth, the torrent users accused were participating in a scheme that is […]

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New York Police Testing Google Glass

The New York Police Department is testing Google Glass to see if it can be used by law enforcement officers. This is because Google Glass has an inbuilt camera capable of recording video that could be a good tool for gathering evidence. Google glass is also capable of running applications such as NameTag that recently […]

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T-Mobile Granted Preliminary Injunction Against AIO

A federal court has granted T-Mobile a preliminary injunction against AIO wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T. T-Mobile protested AIO’s use of its iconic magenta color scheme. The particular shade of plum in question is Pantone 676C. The decision by Federal District court judge Lee Rosenthal stated that there was a likelihood that customers would be […]

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