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AT&T Faults FCC Broadband Progress Report

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already released the draft 2016 Broadband Progress report and it is attracting criticism and opposition from industry players. AT&T has become the first Internet service provider (ISP) to castigate the report saying FCC has failed to adhere to its broadband definition of 25 Mbps. When FCC released its 2015 […]

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FCC Defends Net Neutrality Rules in Court

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was forced to head back to court and defend the net neutrality rules that have come under challenge from providers keen to overturn the broadband regulations. That was the third time that FCC was appearing before a federal court to support the net neutrality laws. In particular, they have come […]

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Court Clears FCC Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now set to implement its net neutrality rules after getting the green light from court. The rules implementation faced uncertainty after they were challenged in court. A number of broadband providers in America had come together to seek a stay to the FCC’s Open Internet rules which they termed […]

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Republican Lawmakers Fight Back Over New Internet Laws

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is faced with total rebellion arising from the recently approved net neutrality laws. They appeared to have had their way after internet activists and President Barrack Obama publicly supported the laws. Barely days after the approval of the regulation measures, Republican lawmakers have come out to castigate the move that […]

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FCC Directive to Affect Comcast, Time Warner Cable Deal

Net neutrality is one of the biggest spins in the work that could work for or against Comcast move to acquire Time Warner Cable at a deal worth $45 billion. This is after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a very tough stand on the matter that seeks to regulate internet providers. Many market analysts viewed […]

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