Canada Still Hooked On Dial Up Internet

Canadian Dial Up Internet

Canada Dial Up Internet

Though available estimates on the number of Canadian subscribers using dial up Internet connections vary from one to another, they all have one fact in common. There are thousands of Canadians who are still using the information superhighway via the slowest lane. So if you happen to be unsatisfied about your own broadband service provider wanting to discontinue the moment a particular website fails to load on your screen at the touch of a button, or when you have to wait until the video you are streaming is buffered, you should consider the remarkable high number of Canadian users who are still hooked to dial up Internet connections.

According to reports, most subscribers have to go through a series of bleeps, static blurts and piercing shrieks before they can finally get online. Unfortunately for them the waiting doesn’t stop there. According to Ross Kouhi, executive Director of National Capital FreeNet operating in Ottawa, it is a pretty dramatic situation. National Capital FreeNet is a donation driven service provider offering low cost and free dial up Internet services for Ottawa residents. Kouhi says ‘One is always reminded of the slowness especially when demonstrating the service to somebody else and having to wait until things load’.

According to CRTC estimations there were 366,000 customers subscribing to Canadian dial up Internet during the end of 2010. A survey conducted by Media Technology Monitor indicates that by the end of 2011, at least 3% of the entire population was using dial up Internet. For some users living in rural parts of Canada the only viable way in getting online is through a dial up connection even in these days.  However, matters are not helped for these subscribers as most web developers are now increasingly ignoring the need to optimize their sites to accommodate slower connections as efficient high speed accounts have today become the norm of Internet.

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