CenturyLink Expanding Data Center Footprint

CenturyLink Expanding Data Center Footprint

CenturyLink Expanding

CenturyLink Communications has embarked on an ambitious plan to expand its global data center footprint in line with prevailing market demands.

With that, they are angling to become the leading innovator and provider of data center hosting services not only in America but globally. An insider at the company said the move is in recognition of the market’s rapidly increasing appetite for flexible hybrid IT capabilities such as colocation and cloud consumption.

David Meredith, the senior vice president, global data centers at CenturyLink reiterated that their focus has always been on a global outlook and the latest move should not be viewed as anything extraordinary. Meredith further noted that for the company to remain relevant in the modern market, they have to come up with fresh ideas and innovations that customers will happily associate with.

“With global enterprises and service providers under increasing pressure to become more agile, many are utilizing hybrid IT solutions to achieve key business objectives. We are announcing today our continuing and expanding commitment to help our customers achieve those objectives,” he said in a press statement dated March 21.

This is not the first time that CenturyLink is taking a serious move towards expanding its data footprint. In 2015, it added 14 megawatts of critical capacity at eight data centers, and in the first half of 2016, the Company plans to further increase capacity in four data centers. In the last five years, CenturyLink has completed 39 data center expansion projects and added 11 new data centers.

The Company currently offers approximately 2.62 million square feet of gross raised floor space throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. “Partnering with CenturyLink enables organizations to take a hybrid IT approach and deliver on the value of data center colocation, managed hosting and cloud services, plus a top-tier network. This creates highly cost-efficient outsourced infrastructures, which free up internal resources to focus on business technology innovation,” the statement added.

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