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Centurylink Internet facilities will soon be made available through its Blue Ridge Network for government customers. Following a signed agreement between Centurylink and the government, the leading telecom provider has agreed to provide tailor made solutions to state, local and federal government customers. However, so far none of the parties involved in the project has disclosed about the financial implications of the agreement.

Centurylink will be offering an assorted range of net protection solutions featuring the Blue Ridge system via several contract vehicles. The fully managed cyber security system will be extended through the company’s subsidiary Savvis. The subsidiary is involved in dispensing cloud computing solutions and other managed hosting solutions for different enterprises. The Blue Ridge Networks based at Chantilly Va. For the past 15 years have gained a stellar reputation by providing high quality Internet protection solutions to both industry and government customers. The security software designed by the company helps users by providing protection against spyware, malware and various other virus attacks while surfing the Internet.

Industry experts are of the view that the partnership initiative of Centurylink with Blue Ridge Networks will establish sound and affordable solutions in providing protection against online crime and that it will aid the company to secure a stronger market position. Blue Ridge Networks also have the unique advantage of gaining valuable market recognition through this enterprise. Meanwhile Centurylink Internet customers can automatically benefit from this initiative by receiving an Internet security system termed as ‘best-in-class’ without them having to buy any additional product to receive the benefit.

Centurylink has also announced a detailed investment plan designed in enhancing broadband expansion, FTTT (Fiber to the Terminal) deployment and faster IPTV (Internet Protocol television) offerings and for developing managed hosting and its cloud computing services.  The company has corporate tie ups with industry giants like Verizon Communications and the SAP AG.

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