Cherryville To Get High Speed Internet Via Government Funding

Canadian Internet


The provincial government of Cherryville is sparing no effort in ensuring the information highway runs right up to the doorstep of Cherryville residents. With a funding of $250,000 the provincial government has initiated plans to develop high speed Internet facilities within the communities of Cherryville. The citizens service minister of Cherryville, Ben Stewart speaking about the new development plans said, ‘improved high speed Internet access for the residents in Cherryville will bring information to their fingertips covering access, health, educational resources and government services’.

The people in Cherryville have been lobbying for the super speed information highway facility for the past ten years and happy citizens are expressing their appreciation. Lisa Larson, owner of a log home construction company in the area said that this is just the thing she had been wishing for. ‘By the time we receive something through mail, ten other companies have already bid on that project’ she added. The present Canadian dial up Internet connectivity in the area makes it virtually impossible for the users to download large files so that the business people in the area are forced to deal through postal services which are incomparable to the efficiency of emails.

The total cost related to introducing high speed Internet in Cherryville is expected to be around $300,000. While the provincial government is funding $250,000 the Southern Interior Development Initiative will be making up the balance $50,000. The lobbying efforts were led by the Regional District of North Okanagan and the officials expect the new service to be in place towards the end of 2013. By then more than 1,000 residents in the area will have access to the high speed Internet service. The local businesses will have the cutting edge advantage of competing against the broader markets so that they can eventually expand on a global level by dealing online.


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