Comcast Contemplating In-Home WiFi Plans

Comcast Contemplating In-home Wi-Fi Plans

In-Home WiFi Plans

Comcast Cable could be planning to break into new grounds as they seek to get a better foothold of the Internet industry in America.

Even though they are too much into cloud, the company’s CEO Brian Roberts recently hinted at the possibility of getting serious about embracing in-home WiFi networks. He spoke at the Morgan Stanley 2016 Technology, Media & Telecom Conference where he said customers are now looking for providers who can help them optimize their devices.

To that effect, Roberts said Comcast is well positioned to deal with home networking issues affecting customers. “We are looking at smart Internet as an opportunity that not any other company has since we touch every device, even if all those things are not our devices,” he said at the conference. “Giving you a better Wi-Fi in your house is job one. Giving you faster Internet speed is job one. These are things that [are] what’s powering our success.”

This is not the first time Comcast is mulling the idea of home networking as part of its services. It was among the first service providers to offer dual-SSIDs through its Wi-Fi routers, allowing subscribers to set up both private and guest Wi-Fi access. reported that Comcast’s near-future plans for home Wi-Fi almost certainly involve a quality-of-experience upgrade.

Comcast bought WiFi startup company Powercloud in 2014 and has said that Powercloud technology will be embedded in its upcoming Gigabit gateway device. The Powercloud software provides detailed network usage data and allows users to allocate bandwidth intelligently to different devices. Comcast’s Gigabit gateway with Powercloud tech is scheduled to hit the market in the first part of 2016.

Market data shows that industry-wide activity around home network optimization has gone up in the recent past. Thus, Comcast will be up for huge competition if they hope to leave a mark.

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