Comcast Low Cost Broadband Initiatives Third Successive Year

Comcast Low Cost Internet

Comcast Low Cost Internet

The new school year also heralded the third successive year of Comcast’s comprehensive low cost broadband initiative established for low income families in America. The company recently re-launched the initiative marking its third year of offering Internet Essentials. The launch took place ceremoniously with the participation of many dignitaries including Frederica Wilson, Congresswoman and Superintendent of Miami Dade County School, Alberto Carvalho, President of Miami Dade League of Cities, Deede Weithorn Commissioner Miami Beach and David Cohen, Executive Vice President of Comcast.

In the past twenty two months about 220,000 low income families have been provided with low cost Comcast broadband cable Internet services through this program. The program will ultimately benefit an impressive estimation of 900,000 low income families across the nation. This will include about 18,700 families representing the South Florida areas and an additional 30,000 from the Florida state. Comcast will be hosting similar kickoff programs in 23 different states in America with the objective of raising visibility of the program and its initiative of bridging the massive digital gap in America and in connecting maximum families with the super information highway.

Alberto Carvalho President League of Cities Miami Dade said, ‘for school students the digital literacy is not an option any more but it is a necessity. The national curriculum as well and world informational systems are now rapidly moving towards a digital world. This means students should be connected to Internet and it has become a very critical task’.

Thanks to Comcast’s program now more American families with low income levels can access and enjoy the power of Internet from home and they can look forward to progressing in education, work and life. David Cohen, Comcast Executive Vice President expressed these sentiments at the launch adding that since the launch of Internet Essentials in August 2011 every six months the company has witnessed a minimum of 50,000 families enrolling for the Internet service. Within the last six months about 70,000 low income families have enrolled in the program. Comcast has also distributed over 18,000 cost subsidized computers in 4,000 school districts and provided training for more than 20,000 people.

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