Comcast Targets Twin Cities’ Mid-Size Businesses

Twin Cities Broadband

Twin Cities Broadband

For years Comcast has provided Internet services to small and medium size businesses in the Twin cities. These were aimed at businesses having less than 20 employees. Now Comcast has started thinking big. Last week was started catering medium sized businesses in the Twin cities including those which had multiple offices around the metro area. Comcast is promoting speed computer connections between these offices and to the Internet with additional options to increase the speed if companies start demanding bandwidth later. The company claims that this is a more convenient and cost effective option as compared to the traditional practice of laying a T1 line from the phone provider and then adding more T1 lines as needed for increased capacity.

But Comcast can face stiff competition in getting potential medium size business clients in the Twin Cities area because it is a relatively unknown entity in this market as compared to telecom providers AT&T and CenturyLink who practically own this market. However Comcast has been catering to this business in other areas in the country for some time. In fact the Twin Cities area is the last major metropolitan area to get this service from Comcast as part of Comcast’s plan of city by city deployment in the U.S.

Comcast has dubbed its service the Metro Ethernet which uses the fiber optic cable network in the Twin cities, downtown areas and major suburbs. These areas are choc- a- bloc with high tech office parks. Connecting to this grid, Comcast claims that it will electronically Turbocharge companies which depend on instantaneous digital communication between desks and offices. Comcast knows it isn’t the only company which can provide fiber optic communication to other companies but it claims that its unique selling points are raw speeds at comparatively affordable prices.

Television and telephone services are not a part of the Metro Ethernet plan at the moment but the company said that these could be layered or provided if a customer demands.



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