Comcast To Launch Ungodly Fast 305 Mbps Home Internet

Comcast Super High Speed Internet

Comcast Super High Speed Internet

Comcast has decided to take its competition with Verizon in the high speed Internet sector to a totally different level by offering an amazingly fast 305 mbps residential service towards the end of this year. The new service is expected to directly compete with Verizon’s high speed FiOS service.

Many subscribers are willing to pay for higher speeds however due to limited options most of the time they have to compromise on speed. According to a recent report that could soon be a thing of the past because Comcast is planning to introduce a high speed 305 Mbps residential service sometime towards the end of this year. Consumers willing to pay will soon get a speed boost.

Comcast’s Neil Smit reportedly told its employees that the company would release 305 Mbps downstream service in Verizon’s FiOS territories “soon” but declined to comment on a strict timetable. Clearly as the competition for gaining more subscribers heats up among ISPs there are bound to be newer services and offerings which would benefit the subscribers.

Currently the highest speed offered by Comcast is for its 105 Mbps plan. The 305 Mbps is a huge increase from their current offering. This new service is directly aimed at Verizon’s 300 Mbps FiOS service. It will be introduced in areas which are already being served by Verizon’s FiOS service. Currently there is no information on whether there will be bandwidth caps or not and Comcast has also not disclosed the pricing details but you can expect it to be priced competitively around Verizon’s FiOS service. FiOS is currently being offered at 300 Mbps (65 Mbps upload) at $205 per month. This rate is expected to come down with competition from Comcast.

To give you an idea with a speed of 305 Mbps you can download an entire movie in 720p within 2 minutes.


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