Confused About Internet Download Speeds?

Internet Download Speed

Internet Download Speed

Download Speeds

If you are confused about Internet download speeds, you should take a look at this new ISP 1 article, https://isp1.usarticle/internet-speeds/

We attempt to take some of the confusion out of bits, bytes, Mbps and the other jargon you’ll see when shopping for a broadband ISP or trying to evaluate your existing Internet connection speeds.

Article Excerpts:

Broadband Internet providers market their services in bits per second, not to be confused with Bytes per second. Remember there are eight bits in a Byte. For example a 3 Mbps DSL connection can download…

While Broadband services are measured it bits, computer files are not. They are measured in Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, etc. To further confuse the issue a Megabyte has two different values depending on the context. For example…

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admin says May 23, 2013

Comments are welcome!

Perry Mattes says August 13, 2013

Dan, you are a master of logic, you’ve written a masterful article. Though you don’t say it, I assume there is great significance between a capital ‘B’ and a lower case ‘b’ as in MBps vs Mbps. Where can I read more of your stuff.

Robert Pearson says February 11, 2014

excellent artical could I pick your brains on the subject of routers I have 126 down and 13 upload speed I play online games on a playstation 4 which is connected to my router with a cat 5e cable but my connection rarely feels great would a better router give me a better connection to other players rather than the router provided by my isp thank you

admin says February 11, 2014

What are you using to test the speed on the PS4

A network connection always negotiates to the speed of the slowest device. Using cabled Ethernet, many routers, switches, game consoles are limited by the speed of the network ports, typically 100 Mbps (Fast Ethernet). To exceed 100 Mbps would require all devices and cables to be Gigabit (1000 Mbps).

Remember that your Internet connection is shared, so all devices will share the limited bandwidth from the ISP. For gaming your speeds are more than adequate. You also need to know the latency (ping time) to the gaming server. Latency is the time in Milliseconds that it takes the signal to travel to the destination server and back. Shoot for something under 50 ms. Over 100 ms will cause lag.

Good Luck…

Robert Pearson says February 11, 2014

Thanks for the fast response I tested by pluging laptop to cable then used speed test ping on speed test was 9ms

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