Cox Cable Loses Music Publisher Copyright Case

Cox Cable Loses Music Publisher Copyright CaseA case between Cox Cable and two music publishers has set a precedent for future cases touching on copyright matters.

BMG Rights Management LLC and Round Hill Music LP had sued Cox in 2014 on the grounds that the company deliberately ignored illegal downloading of their content by its subscribers. In their lawsuit, both companies were able to convince the court that such action by Cox amounted to violation of the federal copyright law.

They won big since the ruling went their way. The ruling delivered by U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady in Alexandria said cable companies cannot run awGood Luck…

ay from responsibility of illegal downloading of music done by its subscribers. The substance of the ruling is that many music publishers and studios will go to court to seek justice for such violations that are widespread in America.

The entertainment industry has been suffering heavy losses in revenue from theft of songs and other materials without consent of owners. There are copyright laws in place but they have not been implemented effectively offering a loophole for criminals to have a field day. With this ruling, that is bound to decrease.

On the other hand, Internet service providers will also tighten their regulations to keep away subscribers who infringe on such rights. Advocacy groups that fight for rights of Internet users have had mixed reactions on the matter. Public Knowledge which is based in Washington, D.C. says that might expose Internet users in a big and dangerous way.

Charles Duan, a staff attorney with Public Knowledge told The Wall Street Journal that there are genuine concerns arising from the ruling. “This ruling is potentially very concerning to every user of the Internet, who may stand substantially less protected than before.” The attorneys appearing for both companies accused Cox cable of repeatedly refusing to terminate the accounts of infringers.

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