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eero Home WiFi System

  Eero Home Router

The Eero Home WiFi System is a hot new product from a new San Francisco start-up. The Eero WiFi 3 pack is currently #4 on  Amazon’s Best Sellers in Computer Routers list.

Eero claims to eliminate WiFi dead zones with it’s new distributed home WiFi system. The system consists of three small Eero units. One plugs into your ISP’s modem via Ethernet and the other two connect wirelessly to create a virtual WiFi mesh network throughout your entire home. The entire Eero home WiFi system is setup and managed via a simple iOS or Android phone app.

The Eero software updates and improves automatically and continuously. The device constantly monitors performance and current conditions, if there’s a problem the Eero fixes itself. You can grant guest access to your home network for friends and visitors easily using the intuitive Eero app

The company recommends one Eero unit for every 1000 sf of floor space, so the 3 unit kit will cover a 3000 sf home. Additional Eero WiFi units are available separately.

Eero Home WiFi System Reviews

Amazon customer reviews of the Eero home WiFi system give it a 4.2 out of 5 star rating, based on 181 reviews.

  • 148 (82%) rated the Eero with a solid 5 star rating.
  •   6 (3%) offered a respectable 4 star rating.
  •   6 (3%) gave an average 3 star rating.
  •  11 (6%) were unimpressed with a 2 star rating.
  •  10 (6%) were dissatisfied and rated 1 star.


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Eero Pros

Of the many positive reviews, one of the most common advantages was the ease and speed of setup (5 to 10 min. average). Many conventional router and WiFi extender / repeater setups are complex to set up and configure. The Eero home WiFi system is quickly setup using a smartphone app.

Another trait that many reviewers cite is the elimination of WiFi dead spots and increased WiFi range. This is likely due to the distributed nature of the Eero system. The multiple connected Eero units and special WiFi signal management software help to provide consistent strong WiFi signal over a wide area.

The next most common attribute is increased WiFi download speeds. Many users reported a noticeable increase in WiFi speed when compared to their previous WiFi distribution equipment. This included some high end routers and wireless extenders such as the Airport Extreme.

Eero Cons

One of the most common complaints among the minority of negative reviews is the relatively high cost of the Eero system. A three unit Eero Home WiFi System costs $499 on Amazon as of 3/3/2016. The single Eero units are priced at $199. This would depend on the value that one attributes to cutting edge technology, for example a Nest WiFi thermometer sells for $250.

Software and hardware limitations – Some reviewers complained about the lack of advanced configuration features such as setting up port forwarding for a range.  One stated a compatibility issue with the Eero and SB6183 modems. Several noted that Eero setup does not work if you have a Static WAN IP address from tour ISP. I am confident that some of these first release issues can be resolved in the future with firmware and software updates which are automatic on the Eero system.

Eero Help Center: Before you buy

The following information is explained on the Eero company website:

Understanding eero

  • How is eero different than a range extender?
  • Does eero replace my modem?
  • Can I use eero with my current ISP?
  • Do I still need to have service from an Internet Service Provider (Comcast/AT&T, etc.)?
  • Can I use eero with my current router?
  • How many eeros do I need?
  • I have a home with really thick, dense walls. Will eero still work?
  • What comes in the box with each eero?
  • How much power does eero use?


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Eero Home WiFi System: No More Wireless Dead Spots


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