Facebook Buys Pryte To Help With Internet.org



Facebook is working quite hard to beef up its resources. It has recently purchased and come up with a few messaging services and now it is purchasing Pryte, a firm from Finland that specializes in mobile data. According to reports, the purchase is to help Facebook with its Internet.org efforts.

The Finnish company was started in 2013 and its aim has been to work with wireless entities to offer consumers data plans on a per app basis rather than forcing them to buy in bulk. The company is quite small with about thirty employees and it has not even been launched publicly yet. According to reports, it will be working with Facebook on the Internet.org project by working on projects that will make internet access affordable and available to all. According to reports Pryte will be working from Facebook’s offices in Singapore and London

What Is Internet.org?

This is an initiative pioneered by Mark Zuckerberg that is a global coalition of companies that are working towards making access to the internet affordable for all people – especially for those in developed and disadvantaged countries. Hence, you can see why even a small company such as Pryte is valued for such a project. Other members participating in the endeavor are MediaTek, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Opera. In particular, the initiative is working hard to ensure that internet access through mobiles is made easy.

This is likely to be the reason for Pryte’s acquisition by Facebook as the company’s main objective has been making it easy for mobile phone users in underdeveloped parts of the world to use wireless internet applications. It aims to do this by helping phone users without data plans to access online services by accessing short term passes that would allow them to easily access mobile applications such as Facebook with ease.

The company currently based in Helsinki has in the short time it has been in operation, garnered a lot of experience and relationships with wireless companies in underdeveloped regions. This means it will be of great help in promoting Facebook’s noble agenda by being a part of Internet.org.


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