Facebook CEO Reveals Plans For Worldwide Cheap Internet Access

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook recently made a passionate announcement saying that his company intends to provide the whole world with access to cheap Internet options. Asserting his position in providing the whole world including emerging markets with efficient and cheap Internet accessibility, he asks through Facebook’s official account whether connectivity represent a right of people. Answering his own question Zuckerberg gives a definite YES.

He suggests that in order to provide every person in the world with Internet connectivity it is imperative to reduce delivered data efficiency. To accomplish this mammoth task Zuckerberg is joining forces with several communications giants across the world like Qualcomm, Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia. The coalition companies seem to share the same thought process about cheap Internet and in providing people with free or very low cost Internet access.

According to Facebook CEO the social networking platform already has over 1.15 billion users and Facebook has so far invested around $1 billion to provide users in emerging markets with some sort of Internet connectivity. One of the drawbacks they have experienced on their way to achieving this target is that a great number of people lack the income and capability of spending on an Internet connection. Mark Zuckerberg stresses on the importance of introducing new technology and business strategies to provide cheap access of the Internet for those who can’t afford it at current rates. He added that most people in developing countries are aware of the FaceBook and want to gain access to its messaging system but they have no idea about how to do it.

In an attempt to provide a part solution for this problem FaceBook will be considering ways of using less data to be compatible with smartphones and plans to offer the FaceBook app service free of charge.  The key he said is in defining the services that should offer free data and those that would be demanding a data plan. According to him the successful implementation of this plan will help them in delivering Internet to the masses while continuing to generate profits for the entire industry.

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