FairPoint Turns to Wholesale Data Services

FairPoint Turns to Wholesale Data Services

FairPoint Turns to Wholesale Data Services

FairPoint Communications has unveiled its wholesale data center services in the effort to eat into the expanding market in America.

This is a bold move that targets both wholesale resellers and cloud providers across New England. In a statement, FairPoint stated that their main intention is to liberalize the market by taking advantage of high demand for data center services. They hope customers will embrace the idea of using third-party providers.

With a satellite data center, subscribers are able to lower latency as well as enhance their performance in very many ways. Cloud providers who will be located at the company’s data center will equally enjoy complementary offers for services like fiber Ethernet and wavelength. FairPoint vice president of Product Management Chris Alberding said it is heartening to see many cloud providers in the area turning to FairPoint.

“Cloud providers offering services to customers in the Northeast are turning to FairPoint because we offer a highly reliable and physically secure infrastructure, low-cost power and access to skilled labor,” he said. “As the local service provider, FairPoint offers fiber Ethernet and Wavelength Service to key IXC NNIs.” Their main focus for this service is in New England but several other cities including New York and Boston have been beneficiaries as well.

In New Hampshire, FairPoint has been even more aggressive in their approach. They have dedicated all their efforts into having central office sites transformed into data centers for offering these services. In February alone, they had a center opened in Manchester with the very first of these centers opened in Laconia, N.H last year. Maine and Vermont are also in their plans for setting up data centers.

All this shows FairPoint’s determination to reach as many customers as possible with the data center services. The strategy has worked to their advantage owing to the high market demand.

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