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FreedomPop Launches Free Mobile Broadband Services For America’s Impoverished

Free Wireless Internet for Low Income

Free Internet

FreedomPop is a name synonymous with low cost wireless broadband Internet services. In a recent move the company has announced plans of entering in to partnership with Connect2Compete a non profit organization to provide mobile broadband connectivity with 1 GB free data for the low income groups across the nation.

If you are living in a zip code with an average income of $35,000 or less, you can apply for the new service offered by FreedomPop. The only investment required is the purchasing of a home connectivity device or a discounted mobile phone within the price ranges of $20 and $59. The partnering company, Connect2Compete has previously provided low cost Internet plans on an exclusive basis for the families with students qualifying for the free or reduced school lunch program.

Speaking about the new campaign, Stephen Stokols CEO of FreedomPop said, ‘our company was founded on the theory that Internet is a right and not a privilege. We found out that we share this objective with our partnering company Connect2Compete and now we can ensure more and more Americans receive free access to Internet’. We are very excited to be partnering with Connect2Compete so that we can leverage the disruptive free model we have in helping to bridge the digital divide apparent within the low income communities in our nation’ he added.

Even with the information highway rolling to every corner across the US, there are around 19 million people in America still without any means of access to the broadband Internet facility. This poses a severe challenge for the country in meeting the challenges of a globally connected marketplace. The lack of connectivity is due to two reasons. First the low income levels among city residents who have no means of affording the prices for Internet accessibility and secondly the rural citizens in the country who live beyond the outreach of broadband Internet infrastructure. FreedomPop and Connect2Comepte will be focusing on addressing the first issue of Internet affordability.

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