Gabriel Stricker Joins Google Fiber from Twitter

Gabriel Stricker Joins Google Fiber from Twitter

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Google has hired Gabriel Stricker into a new role that will entail running policy and communications for Google Fiber as they seek to align to modern market trends.

He joins from Twitter where served as the Chief Communications Officer. It is a re-union of sort since Stricker was the Director of Global Communications & Public Affairs at Google before decamping to Twitter. He has literally returned home but on a different and more influential capacity.

Tech Crunch reported that he will be running communications and public affairs for the group that is spreading like wildfire throughout the US. Stricker has already confirmed the news in a tweet ending speculation. Many people thought he will be heading to Yahoo which is the home to longtime colleague Marissa Mayer but it has not come to pass.

According to Business Insider, Stricker was one of the leaders of Google’s communications group back in its fast-growth days, and Nicholas Carlson’s “Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo” credited Stricker with helping Google shine the spotlight on Mayer back when they were both at the company. This is the type of influence that Google Fiber hopes to tap in from his wealth of experience and market understanding.

Stricker left Google in 2012 to head up Twitter’s communications policy, but left earlier in 2015 when co-founder Jack Dorsey reclaimed the CEO reins. Google Fiber is technically no longer part of Google, but was spun off into a separate company within Alphabet, the new larger holding company that includes Google’s core online, advertising, and Android businesses — still called Google — plus newer “moonshot” projects like self-driving cars.

The fact that Alphabet sees the need for a dedicated policy and communications person suggests that it’s turning Fiber from an experiment — and a way to spur internet providers to offer faster access — into a serious business.

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